Maternity Clothes Melbourne: For Each Stage of Pregnancy

Maternity Clothes Melbourne: For Each Stage of Pregnancy 1

For women who always like to look their best, pregnancy won’t stop their fine fashion sense. Each trimester brings new style challenges, but be in the know.

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Not everyone can boast “just a little bump.” You know the type: “Oh, from behind, no one could tell I was pregnant!”

Still, even those “lucky” women have to make clothing adjustments during pregnancy. In fact, unless you plan on wearing Muumuus or dusters all day, everyday, you need to make accommodations for your changing figure.

Start by the season you are due. Most women become uncomfortable at the end of their pregnancy. This means, if you’re scheduled to give birth during the hottest season, then you need to consider clothing to keep you cool.

Secondly, consider your daily lifestyle. Do you work? If you do, what kind of work do you do? What is the environment? Does your company have a dress code? You may know the answers to these questions based on colleagues’ and their pregnancies. Then again, you may not. Take a look at company policies. For example, some companies require female staff (sexist!) to wear tights. Some women consider tights too binding and hot during pregnancy, and some companies make allowances for this. Your job and the type of work you do will have the most impact on what you’ll choose to wear – and purchase — for your pregnancy wardrobe. The most challenging pregnancy wardrobe may be for women who work in a corporate environment, and one in which suits and well-tailored clothing is the norm. If that is your situation, then it’s probably best you start searching for nappybagstore early in your pregnancy. Shopping ahead of your actual pregnancy will allow for a more stress-free environment (no fretting over your wardrobe) and you’ll give yourself the opportunity to take budget into consideration (you won’t be compelled to buy whatever is available because you’ve done research).

Finally, you have your body type to consider. While many tall women can conceal pregnancy more readily than short women, it’s not necessarily a given. Here’s a look at what to consider as dress throughout your pregnancy.

The First Trimester

This is generally a time when many women prefer to keep the news of their pregnancy for only family and close friends. The reasons – be it superstition or health-based – are your own and there are ways to dress to keep things – literally – under wraps.

No matter if you are naturally slender or curvy, the first thing you need to do, is evaluate your wardrobe. Put aside any tight or very fitted clothing – think of your cotton knit dresses which cling. Focus on outfits with the flattering empire waist or other styles that fit to flow over your waist and hips. Wrap dresses and wrap skirts are also a good alternative.

Since your goal is not to call too much attention to yourself, it’s best to avoid prints that are too bold and bright.

Extend your wardrobe. Look for Belly Bands, Belly Belt or Tummy Band, which all serve the same purpose and that’s to hold up your unbutton jeans, pants and skirts. The bands provide a “smoothing” effect so that open zipper or waistband is concealed.

Singlets are a great staple, easily found in different colours, to layer. Some have built-in bras (wired and not), or a simplemicrofibre layer with elastic for under the breasts. Consider these as pregnancy foundation garments to accommodate and conceal a burgeoning belly and swelling breasts, worn under a crisp shirt or cardigan.

The Second Trimester

About the time you tell people your good news, your size changes rapidly – or more accurately, you experience shape shifting. Ideal now: the popular tops with elasticized ruching at the chest flowing loosely to the hips, are available in floral and geometric prints.

This is the trimester to purchase a pair of maternity pants: choose jeans or capris, or a pair of versatile black. The wrap dresses from the first trimester are still handy.

The Third Trimester

There’s not much in the way of a workaround at this point, and you’ll need to buy actual maternity clothing for outings, visits, parties, showers, and work. Luckily, you’ll have your pic of maternity clothes Melbourne.

Do research and take the time to try on different styles and fabrics to determine what looks best on you before you buy.


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