Tanya got her nose pierced!

Yes, it’s true. I just HAVE to be a bad influence. Tanya from Mommy Goggles had the chance to come visit for a few hours and we took a trip to Jaded Angel! Now, she wanted me to get another piercing but, well, I put any more metal in my face, I might set off an alarm. So Tanya had decided last time she was here, she was going to get her nose pierced.  And yes, we got it on video! And I have to say, her eyes barely watered compared to my nose piercing times! While I didn’t get a piercing, I did start the process of re-gauging my ears. Yes they have been gauged before. And I am doing it again!

Thanks to Jeff for being awesome as always!!

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  1. I have been wanting to get my nose done for a long time. I don’t have the guts to do it. I actually just got my second holes in my ears this summer cause I’m such a chicken! Jenna , how far are you going to go with your ears ?

    1. Anymore, a nose piercing is becoming as common as ear piercing. Not sure how far I will gauge this time.

  2. Congrats, Tanya!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to get my tongue pierced, but I won’t since I’m a musician and all. :p But, I’m thinking maybe a nose piercing or another ahem tattoo…

  3. Ouch, Ouch OUCHHHHHH!

    Tanya, you are INSANE! I can’t believe you didn’t cry…and I love the last line…there’s somethin’ in there alright but it isn’t a booger!

  4. Owee!!! No way would I do that on live camera – lol! Shewww girls!!!

  5. that’s awesome T! I so want to get my nose pierced. Have for what 8 years now. Hubby says no, and gave me reasons…. *eye roll*, he said we’ll see in a few months.

  6. Oh to the Hell to the No!

    This made my stomach turn because I’m a major wuss. And those ears being “gauged”?? That doesn’t even sound the least bit pleasurable, lol.

    Man…kudos to you two for enduring that.

  7. LOL Tanya, feeling like I have a booger in my nose is exactly why i won’t get my nose pierced. With my allergies, it grosses me out to think of all the snot that would get hung up on a piercing.

  8. I sure hope the gauges aren’t that big. You know I don’t like them, but I am only your Mother, so my opinion doesn’t count. 🙂 Turd!

    1. Mom, you just remember. You’re the one who nominated me for a naughty award at MomDot!

  9. You gals are just CRAAAZZEEE!!
    ouch & achooey!
    and out the nose plug goes shooting across the room! Look Out!!

    I had my ears done 3 times, and after awhile they always close up from infections….
    tried every kind of metal excepting platinum…
    anyone wanna send me some platinum to try???

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