The Sunday Stroll-A Place to List Your Giveaways!

Oh, it is getting COLD out! So maybe this is your first time here or your gazillionth time here. Each Sunday, you will find a Mr. Linky list here to help promote your ongoing giveaways! I know it can be tough sometimes to get the word out, so hopefully using this as a resource will help bring some new readers to your site. And of course, while you are at it, feel free to check out the contests listed! (And please, RT this post so other bloggers can use this as well)


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  1. I didn’t mean to leave the first giveaway listed!! I deleted it from most text boxes and have gotten used to just clicking submit on the first giveaway in my dropdown boxes. It ended a week ago ugh! This is the first time this has happened. I wish I could delete it..umm; thanks very much for the linky – sorry

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