Social Media Wild Fire-Southwest Airlines #Fail

Social Media Wild Fire-Southwest Airlines #Fail 1

Yes, we all know I follow John Cena. After reading a headline that he was taking THIRTY kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to WrestleMania, I had to go check out his Twitter Stream. Well, it sounds like he had an interesting morning to say the least.

Social media is a powerful thing. One Twitter message can be viewed by many in a matter of seconds. In John Cena’s case, 439,927 followers check out what he has to say on Twitter.

While I was excited to hear more about the Make-A-Wish experience happening this weekend, I quickly saw tweets about Southwest Airlines.

Social Media Wild Fire-Southwest Airlines #Fail 2

In a matter of seconds, individuals were tweeting back and learning of his “interesting morning”.

He was not FAT enough?

This man paid for two seats, so what is the issue there?

Social media is powerful. And in this case, Southwest Airlines will probably feel the sting of this one for awhile.


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    1. He is one of the number one wish granters for Make-A-Wish Foundation so I’m very excited to hear the news about that.

      It just stunned me to hear there was an issue with him reserving TWO seats for himself. He’s an independent contractor for WWE so trust me, the tickets were paid for by himself too, I’m sure.

  1. Wow, major fail on Southwests Part. They should know not to mess with people like Cena, news spreads like wildfire and bad PR is never good!

  2. First of all, do they really want to mess with John Cena, WWE and MAW?????? What a DUMB statement #1, #2 if he paid for 2 seats he paid for them, what’s the big deal? It’s paid for what do you care?? And #3, do they REALLY want to mess with John Cena, and WWE fans? lol

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