Mastitis Sucks

Mastitis Sucks 1

Yeah…I fell victim to mastitis. It came on quicker than quick. Yesterday I mentioned it at my postpartum check. I looked “irritated” but it wasn’t infected.

Boy did that change fast. By evening, chills, teeth chattering, and sobbing in pain trying to pump. No, no babies to breast. I tried it and well, I don’t think they need practice with their startle reflex from Mommy moaning in pain. This morning I went to my regular doctor and he started antibiotics. Well, I have gotten worse.

I feel like hell. I have done all the tricks. I think I have over done the tricks and caused more swelling to be completely honest. I am sobbing in pain, have a full-on fever, and am miserable. I tried calling the lactation specialist as I have had no luck getting any plugged ducts open and it’s honestly feeling way worse.. After gasping to talk to her, I got the “Honey, you need to go into the ER. You’re in too much pain.” Great

I called back to my doctor’s office just to say if that would be same game plan. Yup.

So now I wait for my mom to come to head in to the ER. I feel like a wimp. But in my smartypants personality when I’m in pain, instead of pop goes the weasel, it’s apparently pop goes the boob today.

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  1. Oh no!! I remember this feeling, probably one of the worst pains I have ever experienced. Hang in there! It gets better!

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