2 Chix Maternity:Maternity with Style

2 Chix Maternity:Maternity with Style 1

One thing that has always driven me absolutely crazy when it comes to pregnancy is finding maternity clothing that has personality and isn’t some frumpy outfit that you just can’t have fun in. I’ve always had a personality and fashion for funky and energetic clothing.

2 Chix Maternity:Maternity with Style 2


Having the chance to check out 2 Chix Maternity, I knew that this was definitely a maternity line for myself. I’ve always been a fan of sayings shirts and seeing the maternity tees filled with quirky lines, I knew it would be a hard decision trying to find the “just right” tee for my growing belly.

Because even I can admit, I’ve been a grumpy lady with “double trouble” growing, my husband and I both chuckled upon seeing the Pregzilla Novelty Maternity tee. It’s a shirt I knew would get some laughs and jokes amongst family and friends.

2 Chix Maternity:Maternity with Style 3

Now, in a regular pregnancy, I normally can fit into small and medium shirts just fine but, knowing that my pregnant belly is growing faster than a singleton pregnancy, I decided to order a large (size 8). These shirts are cut in the “Original Sizing” asking for pre-pregnancy sizes so take such into consideration when making your decision. The shirt is a close-fitting tee cut so definitely order a size or two up if you are mid-pregnancy. While I loved the design, my time wearing it was cut short because of this belly but I have to stress, it might be the “double belly” on me and it wasn’t long enough to cover my competing twins 100%.

2 Chix Maternity offers a variety of fun clothing, including non-maternity clothing options, baby and toddler clothes and more. If you are looking for fun when it comes to your maternity wear, 2 Chix Maternity is definitely one worth checking out.

A sample was provided to help facilitate our review. All opinions are 100% my own and based on personal experiences of the product.

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  1. Ahhhhahaha! Pregzilla! Love it. There are at least two people in my life who could wear this shirt…or should!

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