Comfy Baby with Nap Nanny Chill review

Comfy Baby with Nap Nanny Chill review 1

One thing I know when it comes to baby is always having a safe and secure spot for baby when your hands might be full or you are working around the house. While I’ve known many to lay baby in the car seat, how comfortable is that for baby?

Comfy Baby with Nap Nanny Chill review 2

Comfy Baby with Nap Nanny Chill review 3When I heard about the Nap Nanny Chill portable baby recliner, it was no surprise to hear that it helps create a comfortable spot for baby but also improves sleep in that napping infant. The Nap Nanny has the same shape of placing baby in his or her car seat but provides a soft and comfy spot for baby, whether napping or awake.

As a family that’s always on the go, the Nap Nanny will also come in handy on trips to Grandma’s house and easy to carry as it only weighs 3 pounds. The soft cover is removable making it easy for any spills or messes to wash and also features a waterproof liner to protect the foam base.

Comfy Baby with Nap Nanny Chill review 4

The Nap Nanny is for use in infants 8 pounds and over and is to be used on the floor ONLY to ensure baby’s safety. A removable harness provides additional safety as baby grows but also can be removed to convert into a toddler chair. Aubrey is three and while she is tall, she sat in the Nap Nanny and I was impressed that the foam didn’t scrunch but stayed firm under her weight (approx. 38 pounds).

As a mom expecting twins, I’m excited to have a Nap Nanny to help make life as a mom of twins easier and be assured of a safe spot for one of the twins to lay.

Nap Nanny Chill comes in a variety of prints and can be purchased online for $129.99 directly from For a list of additional retailers, feel free to use the local store locator.

We were provided with product to accommodate our review. All opinions are 100% our own and based on our experiences. 

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  1. I used the Nap Nanny with my daughter when she was a newborn (she’s 2 now). It was a real lifesaver. She slept great in it.

  2. Looks great unless they go to day care because they would be use to sleeping in it and sure it would be a NO NO for DHS rules for kids in day care

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