Mary Greeley, More Horrible Treatment.

I have been attempting to be seen by Pain Medicine Clinic at Mary Greeley for trigger point injections for my neck. First I was told I had to go to neurology, second I was told I needed an MRI. Now? “We won’t see fibromyalgia patients”. Really? Then why is this on their website

Mary Greeley, More Horrible Treatment. 1Mary Greeley I am sick of your disrespect. You KNEW I had Fibromyalgia and that is why we were attempting to have me seen. You said I had to do this and do that and I jumped through your hoops, so what’s your excuse now when you specifically state FIBROMYALGIA.

Update June 24, 2010

Today I was called by the director. After being told yesterday, I would be treated for “headaches and neck pain” once neurology’s dictation was received, he told me he talked to a nurse within the clinic and was told “We don’t treat headaches”. I told him what I was told yesterday and that I am fed up with hearing different stories. I jumped through the hoops they made me KNOWING I WISHED TO BE TREATED FOR CHRONIC PAIN/FIBRO. and I demand the treatment I deserve. I have had to give up my schooling, I am not the Mom I should be for my children (a 23 year old that can’t play on the play equipment at the park, do they have any idea how it feels?). I want my life back. He said he will look into it further. I told him I could care less about the headaches at this point, forget the migraines, look at FIBROMYALGIA.

An Additional Update

What Did I do to Deserve This?

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  1. Three doctors have referred me to the Pain Medicine Clinic. THREE. A receptionist called back saying yes we do see fibro. So now I am waiting on a call “once she talks to the doctor” so they are scrambling I’m sure to figure out what the hell to tell me now.

  2. That’s bs! I hope you get this worked out soon and feel better! You need to be treated asap!!!
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Real life Bambi =-.

  3. While I waited I called my neuro nurse back that treated me. She was obviously ticked at what I was told and apparently called Pain Med back at the same time I called them. One doctor denied me for what reason we do not know but the other doctor said, yes but I need the neuro dictation. Now I wait more to see what they will pull next.

  4. I really hate when medical facilities do this to desperate patients. One of the reasons I no longer work in the industry. I can’t treat a patient because of all the bureaucratic bullshit and hoops of fire we have to jump through. It’s ridiculous. It’s all about the bottom line ($$)NOT about the patient’s well being.
    .-= Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog ..Giveaway Mondays =-.

  5. Good luck Jenna! I hope you get answers and better yet get into the clinic!
    .-= Sky´s last blog ..You Curl Infiniti by Conair Giveaway =-.

  6. This place sounds like a nightmare.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Lemon Balm Pork Tenderloin =-.

  7. OMG…that is ridiculous that they have it RIGHT there in black N white that they treat Fibro patients! I think it is brilliant that people can use the internet to expose clinics like this. We ALL know its ALL about the insurance companies and their hold on our medical care. I am going through the same. Sorry Jenna! Im gonna keep reading about this on your other posts!

  8. Migraines are bad! Unfortunately, I get them sometimes like othe people. I’m always looking for treatment solutions that work so let me know please! What’s best for migraine relief?

  9. This behavior is systemic thoughout the Ames facility including McFarland Clinic. After a major back surgery there, and two years of bleeding dry my insurance…they no longer will assist even when making cash basis visits. The surgeons’ “nurses” consistently make clerical errors including losing important paperwork (a factor for lossing a job!) and second-guessing patient symptoms and adverse reactions to medicines. The arrogance is nauseating.

  10. It hasn’t changed much at the pain clinic. I was sent to the MG pain clinic and have not been properly treated. My back pain was well under control until I was refereed to the Mary Greeley Pain Clinic. I have been in worse pain that what I have known in over 5 years. I am not sure what their main concern is, but it is NOT the comfort of their patients. I called to let them know that what the Dr had prescribed was not working and was basically told “Just continue with what the Dr told you, he isn’t going to adjust your med’s.”
    Something needs to be done about these people, but I’m not sure just what can be done.

    The Mary Greeley Pain Clinic is worthless and I cannot recommend it to any one.

  11. I forgot to mention. Since becoming involved with the McFarland Clinic and Mary Greeley Hospital system I have had my pain killers changed, and dosages reduced. I do not understand their motives.but I am worse off today than what I was before becoming involved with them.

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