Lucky Earth-Car Wash without The Water!

Cleaning your vehicles can always be a task and can get annoying and cumbersome having to pull out buckets, water hoses, and so much more. But thanks to Lucky Earth, a line of car care products that are eco-friendly, you can wash your car with a simple spray and towel. luckyearth-starterpack

Lucky Earth has created a line of car care products that are “waterless”, helping save as much as 820 gallons of water per bottle of car wash spray. Isn’t that crazy? I never even thought about how much water is used each time we wash our car.

Now you might ask, how can you possibly wash your car without using water? You do have to “rinse” don’t you?  The Waterless Car Wash Spray is created with purified water, a coconut-based surfactant, and silicone-making a product that pulls the dirt away from your car. Not only can you use Lucky Earth on the exterior of your vehicle, but you can clean the inside of your vehicle as well.

A background on my car-it was purchased from my mother. Now, she lives on a dirt road that she would ride down with the windows down in this car. There is STILL dirt in this thing after time and time of trying to clean it. Lucky Earth not only cleans but it also helped shine our car.

Now I wish I could show you how I cleaned our car with Lucky Earth, but we’ve had issues with trying to get it to load but I did find this fun “How To” video that is way more entertaining than I would be!

Lucky Earth can be purchased at various retail stores as well as online at

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