Keep Your Smoke to Yourself

I have been around smokers my entire life. I too, had that time in my life where I was smoking. I would grab a cigarette whenever it was offered. Now? I hate cigarette smoke. Pregnant with my girls, I would GAG anytime I smelled smoke.

I have been diagnosed with asthma since I was a little girl. Respiratory issues since I was little. So, you would think those closest to me would understand how dangerous cigarette smoke could be. Right? WRONG.

People roll their eyes at me when I say not to smoke around me. Smoking in a car and then telling me to hop in? Uh yeah…I can smell it. I can smell it on the person that passes me in the hall of a building. Some I can even smell from across the room. Spraying perfume all over yourself doesn’t make it go away either.

Why do I get so pissed now when people smoke around me? My father passed away in November. What very few individuals know is my father passed away from Alpha-1. While nothing could be done to stop this disease from taking over as it is genetic, he still continued to smoke. I understand and can acknowledge that I truly believe my father could have lived much longer. But he would not give up smoking.

My doctors know about my father passing so young. They want NO SMOKE around me. I thank them for that, even though very few take me seriously since I have not been diagnosed whether I have Alpha-1 or I am a genetic carrier but I would much rather be proactive about such.  With a test for the disease that I have no way to pay for and my current insurance would not cover, I would much rather treat myself as having it until I know otherwise.

So the next time you want to light up your cigarette, stay away from me. And while you’re at it, seriously think about where you are puffing your cloud of smoke outside a store.

My children don’t need to walk through it either.

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  1. I smoke so maybe I’m not the best person to comment on this, BUT I will say that I cannot stand the smell of someone else smoking around me…I know it’s very weird since I do smoke, but it makes me gag to smell it so I know how you feel.

    I also think that everyone around you should respect your decision to not want smoke around you and your kids as that decision is the best one! And kudos to you for being proactive I hope your family and friends jump on board and support you soon!
    .-= Allison ´s last blog ..Easy Homemade Crayons =-.

  2. UGH. I absolutely loathe smoking. It makes me sick and I won’t tolerate it anywhere around me. You want to smoke and kill yourself? Fine. But I don’t so stay the hell away from me with your cancer sticks.
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..Ollipops =-.

  3. Smokers are always talking about their “rights”. Well I think the right to breathe clean air trumps anyone’s right to smoke in public. My town is considering a town-wide smoking ban in public places (we’re in podunk so even restaurants like Burger King allow smoking), and I wrote to them and told them it is a great idea.
    .-= Kim @ What’s That Smell?´s last blog ..Vindale Research =-.

    1. That’s crazy Kim! Ames has a no smoking ban but my god, when there are five people hovering over the door to a restaurant-I feel like I’m gonna gag right there!

  4. When I was pregnant with my first child, and even after he was born, I asked my then-ILs to not smoke around me and my son. My MIL was furious that I would DARE ask her. It was a big hullabaloo! I ended up telling the family that we wouldn’t be coming to the house if they would continue to smoke while I was there.
    .-= Desiree @ Writing to Sanity´s last blog ..One year ago this month… =-.

  5. I smoke. A Lot. But I do respect the rights of others etc. Yeah I stink, yeah my car stinks etc – but if you say you don’t like smoke I respect you and don’t do it around you. My choices are mine and yours are yours. Ask Trisha and the girls in New Orleans I hardly smoked around them because they think it’s gross.I was sure to wash my hands etc too. Do I smoke in public places – yup the bar and that’s it. It’s funny though because this is a politically correct argument I seriously could go on about!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..That Time I Wanted To Break It =-.

  6. I am so sensitive to cigarette smoke that I break out in hives if someone with smoke on their clothing gets too close to me. People tell me it is all in my head. I should get over it. I ask why they smoke – and why they can not get over it.
    .-= DogsMom´s last blog ..Inspiration for You & Your Dog =-.

  7. I used to love smoking too. I thought I could never give up smoking but when my Uncle and my Granddad died because of smoking. I told myself, I still wanna live and have a family and have a children of my own and the only I can build that dream is to quit smoking. So, I quit!

  8. The worst is when people smoke at the playground. I’m like, REALLY?! Not only making the kids (and adults who don’t smoke)smell it but also being a TERRIBLE example to the kids. I grew up in a family of smokers, it seriously STINKS!

  9. I think it’s rude when others smoke around others like that. Especially when you ask them not too!

  10. Totally agree! It stinks, is cancerous, and bad in other ways too…how can anyone think it’s ok to force this on anyone in the vicinity without their ok?

  11. Amen sister! I too was once a smoker and I cannot stand it now and why should I? The way I see it is, if you want to smoke, do it privately and don’t expose the rest of us to your bad habit!

  12. I’ve never really smoked (a few cigarettes when I was younger) and am not a fan of the smell or the smoke. If people do it in their own space (and especially not around my son) then I don’t understand it but don’t really complain. You seem to have pretty good reasons for insisting no one smoke around you though.
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Photographs of Beautiful Stewart Beach in Galveston =-.

  13. Ya know I can see both the sides I am now a non-smoker (almost a year now!) but I smoked for 17 years! Smokers have rights as well as those that dont. You have the right to have them stay away from you when you are in your home or other places where smoking is not allowed. However in public as long as its not banned they have every right to smoke. While I may not smoke anymore my entire family still does and I would not ask them to not smoke in an area its allowed, in my home then yeah please go outside. Sure its stinks and it always bothered me even when I smoked but its their right to smoke until its banned entirely.

    Sadly if they will not stop around you then YOU have the CHOICE to avoid them. I was a very considerate smoker but not everyone is but you dont have to tolerate it.

  14. Very well put Lisa P…ITA….I just quit smoking about 3 weeks ago, congrats to you on making it almost a whole year so far! I feel like I have quit for good this time, I hope I am right.

  15. Not a fan of smoking and it breaks me apart when I see parents smoking around kids. I know it’s a very tough habit to break, but those kids are so worth it!!!

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