5 Sharp Accessories to Beautify Your Home

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt claustrophobic because of their endless knick-knacks? An overcrowded space can feel tired and dirty. There’s no way the place gets the proper dust job it needs. You start to wonder if people come into your house thinking similar thoughts. Are they judging your taste? Do they think your décor is a little tried?


That shouldn’t matter. What’s really important is how you feel in your space. The way you decorate your space matters because it helps you to feel at home in your home. You don’t want to feel like you’re sitting in the lobby of a doctor’s office or a hoarder’s living room. You want to feel like you are sitting in a room designed entirely from your own unique repertoire of likes. To help get your interior design game on point, take a gander at these five accessories, they won’t disappoint.


Patterns: A Love Story

Why do we like to surround ourselves with lovely trinkets and original furnishings? The New York Times reveals that particular patterns have universal curbside appeal. Natural fractals and self-similar geometry have captured the human eye, and it is showing up in design.


The Sparkle Stool—Kartell

Spirals are everywhere in nature. Built of the Fibonacci numbering system, spirals are, in effect, geometric perfection. Kartell has captured this perfection in the Sparkle Stool. Functional and beautifying, the Sparkle Stool is made out of PMMA plastic. Great for indoor or outdoor space (the choice is yours) the stool can be used for seating and storage.


Bark Centerpiece—Alessi

To carry on with the theme of self-similar geometry, we have the Alessi Bark Centerpiece. Made entirely out of metal and abstracted to look like woven branches of tree bark, the repetitive “pattern” (as you will) of the Bark Centerpiece emits a sense of serenity. Essential for displaying

fruit, gourds or candles, the Bark Centerpiece is minimal design meets graceful elegance.


Follower Rug—Calligaris

Reminiscent of a Rothko painting, the Follower Rug designed by Calligaris has been broken down into seven panels of color. These panels break up the monotonous sterility of one solid block of color into multiple blocks, creating movement through its linearity. The Follower Rug is made of soft, warm wool, keeping you feeling cozy and happy on those frosty autumn days. Hand-woven, the Follower Rug brings color into the home without being overbearing. Calligaris has designed a muted, subtle (yet) colorful rug that will engage your senses and complement your space.


Raindrops Mirror—UtterMost

The Raindrops Mirror by UtterMost features several small, circular mirrors framing a central large mirror, in effect mirroring its shape and reflectivity. Each of the mirror “raindrops” are attached by linear rods of metal in an antique gold-leaf finish. This wall hanging too features self-similar geometry. In seeing this repeated pattern, we are put at ease because it is our natural instinct to be taken in by pure patterns and geometrical shapes.


VINO Wine Rack–Blomus

The Vino Wine Rack designed by the Blomus design company is made out of varying lengths of nickel-plated steel wire. The steel wire is shaped, set and welded together to create a self-similar geometry that can hold up to 12 bottles of wine. The steel acts as a sort of frame for your wine collection, illustrating to your guests your sensible palette and exquisite design finesse. On top of the that, the wine rack can be posed horizontally or vertically on your kitchen countertop, giving you full reign in how you want your wine displayed.
Fill your home with things you love. Surround yourself with beauty. It’s your home, so you can’t go wrong.

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