Iowa’s Fallen Officers #BackTheBlue

Iowa's Fallen Officers #BackTheBlue 1

On Wednesday as Brian woke for work, I checked my phone as I always do. After seeing a news update, I knew I wouldn’t be going back to sleep. Two Des Moines police officers shot and killed in an ambush attack.

I still find myself processing the news and it is something I know I will never understand.

Sgt. Anthony Beminio of Des Moines Police Department and Officer Justin Martin of Urbandale Police Department
Sgt. Anthony Beminio of Des Moines Police Department and Officer Justin Martin of Urbandale Police Department

As my children know I was going to school to work in law enforcement, we show our support for police officers. Aubrey has said off and on she wishes to be a police officer when she grows up. As the children began waking up and she saw the news, I saw her face grow sad. There are no words to make any of this right. All I could tell my children was that if they saw a police officer, ask if they could hug them, thank them for keeping them safe, maybe we could buy them a coffee, or something more.

As my children got ready and off to school, Nathan stayed with me for a doctor’s appointment. The appointment was in Des Moines, and within minutes of where the incidents occurred. When his appointment was over, he saw a police officer’s car and began saying he needed to hug the officer and “Buy coffee”. To assure him we would get to thank an officer, we followed the officer but were unable to go into the location the officer went. Disappointed, I told him we would be sure to take care of officers when we got home.

In a moment of hurt, my four year old showed empathy. He was determined to get out there and hug an officer and give. I found myself crying throughout the day but remembered the love my children were so willing to give. nathanthankpolice

We live in an area where I can say, I never thought I would hear of such a crime happening. This isn’t supposed to happen in Iowa. And our history shows it.

My heart continues to hurt. It will continue to hurt for those in blue. I’ve challenged friends to show their¬†support in any way they can. Thanking an officer, paying for a meal. Every little thing counts.

thinblueline Iowa Fallen Officers

Yesterday, Officer Justin Martin was transported home to Rockwell City, Iowa. I was fortunate enough to stand with members of our community and law enforcement as the flag of the Nevada Police Department flew over I-35.


Story County Support

These individuals have families and friends. People that love them. They put on their uniform and go to work each day to protect our communities and the ones we love. My family will continue to Back the Blue and I ask you to as well.

Law Enforcement Support Shirt

Des Moines Police Officers’ Credit Union Memorial Donations

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  1. Senseless acts like this are something I will never understand. My heartfelt conodolensces to their family members and loved ones.

  2. I saw this story on the news and was just heart broken. My husband is in law enforcement and it is such a tough place to be right now. They all just want to do right by their families and communities but it is so scary.

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