How to Juggle Moving House and Planning a Wedding

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If you’re engaged, first of all – congratulations! Once you’ve said yes and got the engagement ring firmly on your finger, your next step will be to plan your dream wedding. However, this may not be the only life-changing event going on in your life. Many soon-to-be newlyweds decide to get on the property ladder too. This means if you’re planning to move house, planning a wedding alongside it can quickly become overwhelming.

Don’t worry! You’re not the first to be in this situation. To help keep stress levels at bay and ensure everything runs along nicely, here are some tips on how to effectively juggle moving house and planning a wedding.

Establish Your Finances

As you can imagine, moving house and organizing a wedding is not only incredibly tiresome but will put a strain on your finances. From the costs involved of selling your home, paying for removal vans, and footing the bill for your wedding venue, this all won’t come cheap. Even if you’re careful with money, there are loads of unexpected expenses to be aware of. To ensure you get hitched and move into your home without plunging into mountains of debt, getting in control of your finances should be your first step.

Establishing your finances and creating a budget will ensure you scrimp and save to make everything work. What we can say is everything will definitely pay off in the long run if you’re monitoring your spending. There are budgeting apps you can download on your smartphone that help you track your monthly income and outgoings. This can help you save money for your big day and house move. 

Hire a Wedding Planner

There are countless duties involved in planning a wedding. For those who have a house move on the cards, you may not have the time and leisure to put into organizing the A-Z of your big day. Of course, you don’t want to cut corners and hope everything works out for the best, so why not consider hiring a wedding planner? Their main responsibility is to meet with you, collect ideas, and help put together the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Wedding planners can help with numerous aspects of your wedding. It’s understandable you’ll want some control of your special day. For example, how do you plan to announce your big day to loved ones? You can make a save the date card to give your wedding guests a heads up about your upcoming nuptials. Greenvelope are experts when it comes to save the date wording. They have more ideas for save the date wording which can help you announce your big day in the right way. 

Reduce Stress

When moving house and getting your wedding together, both tasks are bound to increase stress levels. Even those who can handle their stress well may find some points overwhelming and hard to bear. To keep your spirits up and see you through the other side, keeping your stress levels at bay is essential.

The best thing you can do when things get tough is to practice relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can help you zone out from what’s going on and keep you on track. You don’t want to be under too much pressure during these pivotal moments, especially as you could make rookie errors! 

Get the Timings Right

This cannot be stressed enough. Make sure you allocate plenty of time between moving house and walking down the aisle. You don’t want these two events to run alongside each other. This is because you’ll have a hard time focusing on both and making sure everything goes to plan.

It’s wise to move into your property first. That way, you can get through the hassle and stress that moving house brings. Once you’re nice and settled in your new abode, you can then concentrate on getting ready for your big day. If you try to take on too much and have both events running simultaneously, disaster could easily strike. For example, your house move could fall through, meaning you become newlyweds with no home to call your own! Timing is everything, so ensure there is enough space between both events to avoid any problems cropping up.

Moving house and getting married are two huge events in anyone’s life. For those doing both within close proximity, we appreciate you’ve got a lot of planning, preparation, and stress on your shoulders!

To keep organized and ensure both events run smoothly, making use of the tips above can be a big help. Now isn’t the time to be burying your head in the sand. Instead, having a well thought out plan laid out can help you prioritize both events and ensure you have the best start to married life in your new property.

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