Complete Children’s Birthday Party Checklist

Complete Children's Birthday Party Checklist 1

If you’re going to be throwing a birthday party for any of your children over the coming year, then some tips and tricks are always a good idea, right? As our children get older they can get a little fussier with what they want. So a checklist to work through can always be a good idea. So here is your essential checklist for planning a child’s party. Hope it helps!Complete Children's Birthday Party Checklist 2

Six Weeks Before

From around two months before the date or the birthday, you need to decide who you want to be at the party. From there, it can be easier to put plans into place like location, food, and the theme. If it is going to be a small at-home party, then you can take some of the stress out of finding a place to hold the party at the right time and date. But if the guest list is pretty long, then a venue to hire could be the better option.

Four Weeks Before

This is around the time that you need to start getting and sending out the birthday party invitations. It will depend on what budget you have, whether you buy some, have some made, or make them yourself. While you’re at it, it can be a good idea to get the thank you cards at the same time. If you’ve bought some invitations, then having thank you cards with the same theme or color can be a good idea. You could check out getting some personalized thank you notes too, for example. But next, you need to think about ordering a cake if you won’t be making it, as well as thinking about the games and decor that you want. Then you can make a list of all that you need, and acquire it over the next few weeks.

Three Weeks Before

Realistically, people need three or four weeks advance notice about a party. Plus, you need a bit of notice about who will be there and who won’t. So now is the time to get the invitations sent out (don’t forget to put an RSVP date on there). Check the venue, and look to buy some of the party supplies. This can be especially useful if you are buying things online, as there are shipping times and added costs if they need to be rushed.

One Week Before

Plan out the order of the day in the week leading up the party. Will it start of  with the children just playing, then food, and then games or dancing? When you’re confident with what you want to happen and when, it can make a big difference. Check with the people that haven’t responded yet, so you know if you will be catering for them or not.

The Days Before

This is when you just put everything in place From making or picking up the cake, getting balloons, buying the food, and decorating the venue. Check if you will have any extra help from parents or grandparents, and then you can delegate and assign out tasks to different people. But most importantly, try to go with the flow and have fun. Good luck!

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