How to Create a Totally Great and Functional Mudroom for Your Home

How to Create a Totally Great and Functional Mudroom for Your Home 1

A mudroom…is it a bonus room or a must-have? It depends on who you ask. In the suburbs, a mudroom is considered a necessity among families. In certain parts of the country, like the New England states, a mudroom will increase the value of your home. 

Having a mudroom these days is not enough. You are faced with the task of finding the perfect mudroom design and mudroom storage ideas. 

Do you want to find some mudroom examples that fit in your overall home design? What mudroom ideas strike your fancy? Are you thinking about a large mudroom? Mudroom furniture? Do you have a laundry mudroom? 

If you are looking for mudroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Stay with us and learn how to create a functional mudroom with style. 

Creating the Perfect Mudroom

If you are lucky enough to have a mudroom, you can make it whatever you need it to be for you and your family. It can be beautiful as well as functional. Let’s look at some mudroom must-haves that might pique your interest. 

1. Bench

You come in the door with the kids after school and boom, they are taking off their shoes and throwing down their backpacks. 

A place to sit and get out of the way is necessary for a mudroom. They can sit down and take as long as they want to remove their shoes and get their homework out of their bags. 

2. A Place for Each Family Member

Whether it be a cubby, a locker or a cabinet, a designated place for each person to store their belongings will keep clutter to a minimum. 

Add some style by decorating each space with a name. Hooks can be added above to hang jackets, backpacks or purses. 

3. Lots of Storage

Your mudroom should have a place to store any items that you use on your way in or out of the house. Beach towels, shoes, raincoats, and sports equipment can go in a closet. Umbrellas can be stored in brass umbrella stands

4. A Message Board

You can get creative here with a custom whiteboard, a chalkboard or even a chalkboard paint wall. Leave messages for family members or reminders for yourself. 

5. An Outdoor Rug

Use an outdoor rug in the space especially if the room is literally a mudroom. The outdoor carpet will stand up to wear and tear and will keep the dirt and mud off the floor. You can rinse or vacuum the mess away. 

6. A Wash Area

A sink to wash the day away before going into the house? A mudroom shower for your four-legged friends? Whatever you choose, it’s a great place to clean up prior to entering the living space of the home.  

Mudroom Extraordinaire 

Now that you’ve learned which elements will bring your mudroom to the next level, you can get started on your redesign. Did you find this article helpful? Check out the other home-related articles on our website. 

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