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How to Clean a Top Load Washer Video

Did you know that it is recommended to clean your washer at least twice a year ? You’d be surprised at the dirt and grime that can load up in your washer.

We have an older top load washer and I wanted to clean out our washer to help keep our clothing bright. We live in an area with hard water which adds even more to the reasons for cleaning.


How to Clean a Top Load Washer

First and foremost, I pulled the Fabric Softener Dispenser out of our agitator to soak. I filled our kitchen sink with HOT WATER and placed the dispenser in the sink.


Fabric Softener agitatorWhile this sat, I began filling the washer as high as possible with HOT WATER. I did not start the load but stopped it so it would soak. I then put in about two cups of white vinegar to help break through the grime. I let this sit for about an hour but you could easily keep this soaking for an extended period of time.



Back to the fabric softener dispenser. With the amount of build-up I was seeing, I decided to drain the sink and let hot water pour directly through the dispenser. I then set the dispenser inside a bowl of hot water and vinegar.

After letting the washer run through a cycle, I went to the typical clean:Wiping down everything inside, I went around the inside lip of the washer, the agitator and just about anywhere I could get my hand to fit. Sure enough, it was pretty disgusting.


The thought that are clothes were being washed with this on the inside? You don’t feel very clean after that.

I again filled the washer and ran it through a cold wash cycle. After checking on the fabric softener dispenser, sure enough, there were CHUNKS coming out. I don’t know about you but, I don’t think there was any green fabric softener I ever used.

This is a task I intend on making a priority to ensure our clothes are staying clean and not getting covered in the grime I was able to clean out. I will probably do this again as I deep clean for Spring Cleaning. 

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  1. Cleaning my washing machine is something I’ve neglected doing… thanks for this reminder.

  2. Um – I had no idea. I’m kind of afraid to find out what is in our washing machine. Guess I need to add that to my to-do list.

    The good news is that we empty the lint trap in our dryer after each load – so at least one appliance in the laundry room is well cared for.

  3. It always amazes me when something that cleans for a living gets to dirty! I wash my front-load washer once a month, if I don’t it gets a FUNKY smell! I’m passing this on to my mom, she is obsessed with cleaning her top-load washer!

  4. I need something like this for my front loader. It always amazed me how dirty it gets.

  5. Oh yuck! We have hard water too. I really need to try cleaning our washer. I periodically get weird orange stains on the clothes. Maybe cleaning the machine would help.

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