5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale

5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale 1

The universe of remote controlled toys and gadgets is continuously expanding as the manufacturers enlarge their vision and new products challenge our imagination and skills. We used to have cars and helicopters and boats; now we also have drones, submarines, robots, dogs, spiders, dinosaurs, film characters, educational toys and who knows what the future will bring. I can’t wait to discover the bold gadgets of tomorrow. But until then, let’s check out a short list of some of the most fantastic remote controlled devices you can buy today:

The smallest RC car in the world

It measures only 2 inches, and it looks like a piece of jewelry. The scale of this car is 1/67: you can hide it in your pocket and race anywhere. It was invented by two engineers who were unsatisfied with the miniature RC cars on the market. Their model can be controlled with a Smartphone, and it is the most sophisticated micro race car money can buy at this moment. The interface is very friendly; the handling is quite easy; the car steers with high precision, and it has all the necessary functional lights, speed options, and sensors. Its name is Quantow Gear Minicar, and it started as a crowd-funding project which got the funding very quickly.

5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale 2

Mini Pocket Drones and Palm Size Helicopters

We sure love the world of miniatures: everything that’s small amuses and amazes us. Like the fit- for-a-purse Nano Pocket Drone Quadcopter, for instance. It goes any direction, it turns, it hovers, it has a camera for pictures or videos, and it can be handled with a Smartphone. I think it’s one of the coolest gadgets to own right now. Another small RC device that will win you over is the helicopter that fits in your palm – the Wltoys V977 Power Star X1, which, according to the Best RC Helicopter for Sale – Top 10 Reviews, is powerful and fast for its size and it’s great for indoor flying.

5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale 3


The RC Flying Pterodactyl

This radio controlled ornithopter is one of the newest toys on the market, and it offers a unique experience because it flips its wings and flies like a bird. It has a 500-meter range, it’s easy to control, and it’s a blast especially for children who will get the feeling they traveled back in the time of dinosaurs. There are other RC dinosaur models on the market, but this is by far the best one and the only one that can fly.5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale 4

The RC Wall Climbing Car

Who could not adore a car that climbs the walls and drives on the ceiling? RC Rank recommends it as the perfect gift especially for children, but it is also an excellent purchase for adults, too. The Wall Climber is made from durable materials, and it goes on any surface. It’s not only fun, but also challenging, because of its “outside the box” features that fire up the imagination of the players.5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale 5

The RC Tarantula

I know, not everyone likes spiders. But this RC Tarantula is a genuinely engaging toy because it looks authentic and it moves in any direction. It works on batteries, it has an auto-demo program, and it’s great for playing pranks on your friends. Just choose them carefully: the tarantula is so realistic that they might think it’s alive.

5 Amazing Remote Control Gadgets for Sale 6

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