How Does Ten Bucks Sound?

It’s Money Right??

So as I’m preparing for this blog party you keep hearing about(HEHE), I’ve decided to have a little fun and a “starter” prize. I am on the hunt for the coolest prizes and products out there for my readers to learn about. Most of you have done giveaways before and know it’s alot of work!

So how would you like ten dollars for your choice? I can add it straight to your Paypal account…maybe you’d like a 10 dollar giftcard to Starbucks, Target? If I can purchase a giftcard to your fave place online then you can have that as your ten dollars.

So how do you get this chance right? You know we are celebrating Aubrey being born, Kelsie becoming a big sister, Steven and I getting married. We’ve got lots of NEW things going on in our life right now. What can you find that you would like to see of For the Love of Baby?

I’m being a goofball (maybe sleep deprivation…maybe Wedded Bliss!) and want to see what YOU want as prizes!

1. Leave me a comment with a prize/site you’d like to see here on For The Love of Baby! during our celebration. In that same comment, leave me how you would like your ten dollars! We are featuring products, writing reviews, and hosting giveaways! Anything goes!

2.Maybe YOU are the creator of a great product you’d like people to see? Maybe you know someone who would like their products seen? E-mail that person(or if it’s you that’s not really necessary is it? LOL) and send them to For The Love of Baby!. You can CC me a copy of the e-mail at For this you will receive three entries (Leave in separate comments!) If they would like to be featured on For the Love of Baby-you will receive ANOTHER entry!

3. Blog about this giveaway! If you do this, you will receive 5 ENTRIES! Feel free to copy and paste this right here (Look I’ve even made it easy for ya!)

Jenna at For The Love of Baby! has had a very busy September! She’s gotten married, her daughter Kelsie became a big sister to Aubrey, and alot more! She will be celebrating with all of us beginning October 15th! But right now, she is giving you the chance to win ten bucks for a giftcard of your choice! So long as she can purchase it online-you can have it!
This Contest will End October 6th, 2008! And of course, make sure I have a valid e-mail to contact you on!

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  1. I think moms generally like purses or bath items. I am also a fan of bath items. I do think that baby items are done so often that moms whole world is baby, so its nice to win something for HER. Also, food is a great giveaway.

    I would spend $10 on a new book!


  2. Fun contest! I love seeing bags (diaper bags), baby blankets, and I personally make those little diaper/wipes holders. THOSE were a lifesaver when my babies were in diapers!!

  3. Oh, I should have separated my first comment. I make those diaper/wipes holders. Perfect for traveling or short trips where you don’t want to take the whole diaper bag! And mine close with a magnet, so ALL of my holders are reversible. Pretty sweet!

  4. I would like to see some Boon Products! They have great stuff for babies and kids!


  5. I'm a very functional person… so my favorite things to find and hear about are necessities: Miracle Blanket (swaddle wrap), BPA free bottles/feeding, sling/carrier comparisons/reviews, educational toys (I didnt know babies only saw contrast and love b&w pics/books until I read a product review on another blog), and receiving blankets are always great! Thanks for asking your readers opinions on what to feature. If I won the GC, I would ask for Target – they have everything! laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

  6. I like reading about toddler art/learning stuff. Mine’s almost 2. And I think I would get a GC to a coffee place fo sho. (Sorry, it’s early.)

  7. I’d like to see books being given away. Any books will do!

    If I won ten dollars, I’d like to spend it at Target.

  8. ooh amazon would be good for a new book or movie. Or just 10 to spend at a scrapbook store. I can’t certainly find lots of things to buy there lol

  9. i like toddler shoes and diaper/wipes holders. i’d pick walmart.

  10. Imse Vimse cloth diapers.

    I’d like $10 to Paypal because I’m saving up to buy an amautik so I can keep my baby warm this winter.

    Thanks so much.


  11. I am trying to find a small diaper clutch that holds a few diapers, wipes and is a changing pad. Find me that and I will love you.

    I could easily spend 10 bucks at Target.


  12. I love baby blankets and diaper bags! Those would be great.

    As for $10, I’d love to spend it on etsy or AmazonΒ± πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  13. i think you should include something that will be useful for moms…like diaper/tote bags, purses, baby products…and of course, all mothers deserve to be spoiled and pampered so you can also include some bath and body products. πŸ™‚

    If I won, i’d like the $10 to paypal. thanks!

    fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  14. I love baby hats and blankets!! XD

    I’d love the $10 to PayPal. Thanks!


  15. I would like to see more handmade soaps added to the giveaways. I would love a $10.00 gift certificate to Amazon.

  16. I love candles! I would love to see some yummy smelling candles!

    As for how I would like the 10 bucks…having it put in my paypal would be great!

  17. I would love to win something that could be used as a Christmas present, especially for my 7 or 11 year old daughter!

    I’d like paypal for the prize πŸ™‚

  18. A book as a prize would be good. If I win, I would prefer Paypal for the prize.


  19. Bid fan of the Diaper bags, and he dipaer/wipe pod, that would be nice to see!!
    Either clips for my daughter or a bookfor me!

  20. I like the Step 2 products and toys for kids. For a ten dollar giveaway an Albertson’s, King Sooper’s (Kroger), or a Safeway gift card would be nice, that way we could buy some nice fruit, which all members of the family could eat, justremember to puree in a food processor for baby.

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