Ten on Tuesday-10 Things that Scare/Freak Me out!

So here’s Ten Things That Scare/Freak Me OUT!

1. Spiders…they’re just plain creepy!
2. Clowns
3. Drivers that don’t pay attention…of course it freaks me out when I have little ones in the car!
4. Whenever Kelsie has a klutsy moment..I can’t help but do the Mom GASP!
5.Deep water
6.How desperate teenagers are for attention. Yesterday walking through the mall, we saw three girls walking…One with panties on top of her head. And it was obvious she was doing it so people would stare.
7. Credit cards!
8. Being outside really late at night by myself
9. The Criminal Justice System (And Yes, I am a Criminology major. Ironic huh?)
10.People who stare!

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