Hi. I’m A Mom. I cry.

You’re life changes when you become a parent am I right? You drive differently. You sleep differently. You do EVERYTHING differently.

Know as I was sitting here watching television and started getting teary-eyed, I thought about something. I cry watching TV. Like MORE than most. Since having my babies, I get emotional watching television or movies and cry. I see tears, I cry. An accident? Yup, the sprinklers come on.

What is it about becoming a Mom that makes you cry when you see “emotional” circumstances?

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  1. I think we just have more invested into live now, so things touch us on deeper levels. It is even worse for me since I am pregnant, I cry at least 6-8 times daily, over songs I hear or things I watch, Just about an hour ago, I cried watching Overboard… you have got to be kidding me!! LOL

  2. OMG, when I was pregnant the last two times I made the mistake of watching all those pregnancy baby birth shows. I cried all the time. I cry over commercials these days..I used to be so hard, now I am ohhhh soo sensitive.

  3. So true! Having children makes you more empathetic in every way … and I think you sleep a lot less when your children are young. Seriously, I get weepy when I am tired too.

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