Raising Four Boys, Living Life Outnumbered

Raising Four Boys, Living Life Outnumbered 1

Brittany was awesome enough to reach out and share just a part of her story and life as a mom of four boys. You can find more of her writing at LaughOutLoudMommy.com

I am a mom of four boys, and I am severely outnumbered. There’s very little pink or frills in my house, I’ve learned the art of “look before you sit,” and I have figured out that feeding four boys is the equivalent to feeding a small village.


Raising four boys is, well, how should I put it…exhausting! Here are my most used quotes throughout the day, in this order:

“Put that thing back in your underwear!”

“Do not choke slam your brother into the couch!”

“Do not fart on your brother!”

“You can’t slap your brother in the head!”

“Ewww, what is that on your hands?”

There are always several mini fires to put out in my house (not literally people, I said they were exhausting, not pyromaniacs). Let me start at the top and work my way down.

The 7 year old is always scheming, how he can get an extra piece of candy, or get over on his brothers, or anything that can possibly be manipulated, he’s the guy.

Then there’s the 5 year old, who by the way has a rivalry with the 2 year old. They are constantly fighting, and neither one is giving up any slack. The 2 year old is feisty. The 5 year old is relentless. Those two together is an explosion waiting to happen. I asked my 5 year old why they fight so much, he said “it’s just how we get along” –simple as that.

Let me not forget the 10 month old, the cute little baby. Well, that cute little baby is hell on wheels. He has a temper and an appetite. So, make sure you keep food on hand or it can get real ugly, real quick.

With raising boys, comes one of my biggest fears…washing their underwear. Anyone been to the Daytona 500 lately, because I think they’re missing a few racing stripes. Ewww, it’s horrible, and I really do teach good hygiene, and we keep plenty of toilet paper…even the soft kind…so why is it not adding up?

My life is full of WWE, any superhero you can name, football (yes, my husband got to them early), anything goopy or gooey, and anything that makes fart sounds.

I live my life outnumbered every day, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Boys are special, (not that girls aren’t…I mean I’m a girl) but boys have their unique way of warming your heart. They are rarely moody, always ready to party, full of hugs, and have a weird and usually disgusting way of making you laugh uncontrollably. Yes, I am outnumbered, but the biggest thing I have learned about boys is that they love their momma. I am the queen of my disheveled, insanely loud, occasionally smelly, castle, and I wouldn’t have it any other way..well, maybe a tad less smelly.

I’m Brittany! A wife and mother to four boys. My boys keep me constantly on the edge of sanity but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I recently became a stay at home mom and started LaughOutLoudMommy.com to chronicle my everyday struggles, joys, and accomplishments. I hope my writings make you laugh, make you cry, inspire, and connect us. Enjoy.


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