Getting Creative with 365 Project

Getting Creative with 365 Project 1

IGetting Creative with 365 Project 2 have been hearing about the 365 Project online for some time now but didn’t participate. I signed up a few months ago and got involved in adding pictures but then I slacked off. With the start of 2011, I have been doing my best to capture the moments around me every day.

Take a look around you. There’s something somewhere near you that can be photographed.One of my goals this year is to be more creative and of course, taking the time to look around can help. There’s more than just pictures of your kids (although those are cute!) you can take, just look.

So what is the 365 Project?

365 Projects are simple, you take one photo every day for a year. It can be anything, something you’ve done, a self portrait, your shoes! Anything! Some people even do album work for their favourite song that day.

We all have some sort of creativity within us. Do you have a 365 Project account? Let me know and I’ll follow you! Be sure to check out my 365 Project-that way it keeps me accountable that others are watching!

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