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Happy Birthday from Swagbacks! Extra 35 SB on Signup!

Swagbucks (the best place on the web for free stuff) is turning 3, and the celebration they have planned for February 28th is going to be HUGE! It’ll feature a bunch of Swag Codes, a new look and feel for the Swagbucks Blog and the launch of two new features, one of which will redefine the way you use their search function. You definitely won’t want to miss it, so be sure that you’re on the site bright and early the morning of the 28th for your chance to earn big and be a part of the biggest birthday celebration on the web!

Swagbucks.com is a site where you can earn 1,000s of free products for doing the things you do every day. Whether it’s searching the web, watching videos, playing games, shopping or more, we’ve got a way for you to be rewarded with free stuff. No strings. No gimmicks.

Since I started using Swagbucks, I’ve already been able to get several legitimate Paypal Gift Cards as well as Amazon cards so I can tell you first hand, this is real.

It is worth it to sign up for Swagbucks. Not only will you receive the automatic 30 Swagbucks everyone gets by signing up, I also have a special code. From now until February 28th, those of you that sign up for Swagbucks and use the code BirthdayTime, you will receive an additional 35 Swagbucks! (This code will ONLY work for those signing up for Swagbucks, not those already members!)

What are you waiting for? Start earning!

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