Essential Oils Packages on Sale Now! #Giveaway

Essential Oil Gift Packages

Mother’s Day is approaching and essential oils are perfect for the mom in your life who is always on the go.

Essential Oil Gift Packages

The above packages are not the only to be excited about! Simply Aroma has bundled products to best fit your needs.

  • Retreat Spa
  • Beauty Care
  • Romance and Spa
  • Beach Ready
  • Baby Care
  • Clean Green
  • Athlete
  • Allergy
  • Immune Booster
  • Exam Preparation
  • Home Wellness
  • 10 Most Popular Essential Oils
  • and More!

Essential Oils give all of us the ability to use a “Medicine” without nasty side effects. Simply Aroma Essential Oils give you a natural alternative that is safe for your entire family.


To help celebrate, MommyJenna is giving away ONE Lemongrass Essential Oil.

If you prefer, winner will be able to select a $10 Gift Certificate from me instead of Lemongrass

Simply Aroma Lemongrass

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  1. The OxyZen sounds like an interesting blend. I wonder what 2 oils are in there becuase I have breathing trouble in the Florida heat and am always looking for natural remedies.

  2. I would like to try the Slenderize Essential Oil Blend to help me with my weight loss.

  3. I’d love to try the Bergamot EO because I love the smell of my morning Earl Grey which is made with bergamot.

  4. I would love to try Grace oil. It gives you a radiant, youthful and smoother complexion and thats exactly what I need.

  5. I would love to try the Claire (Acne Solution Blend) to see if it helps me. I just read about using tea tree oil as a spot treatment for acne.

  6. I would like to try frankincense. I have read it can help with anxiety. I live the smell. I would like to use it to make laundry soap. I have read it also hells with acne. It just seems like the possibilities are endless.

  7. I’d like to try the Ignite (Energy Blend) because a lot of time I need a mood booster!

  8. I would love to try these oil’s. I have never use oils before. I could use a engery bost.

  9. I have used some essential oils in the past & have gotten some relief. The BLOC (Pain Relief Blend) sounds interesting, since I suffer from many aliments, some the same as you, and like trying non-narcotic/prescribed things for relief.

    1. I haven’t used the BLOC yet but I’ve been told AMAZING things about it. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  10. I learned that their essential oils are Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, the highest grade available for essential oils.

  11. I’d like to try the Lavender Oil because it helps insomnia, tension and also can be used for first aid.

  12. I learned that Simply Aroma oils are therapeutic grade…how do they compare to Young Living EO’s?
    Also, I’m a huge fan of coconut oil…but what’s the deal with the fractionated CO? What’s the difference?

  13. Actually, the lemongrass sounds quite nice. I was also interested in lavender, because of the stress relief properties.

  14. would love to try the wild orange because I love orange and curious about the smell and if able to clean with it

  15. I would like to try the Ignite oil! I need the energy because I am so tired all the time from chasing after my 3 young daughters!

  16. I’d like to try the Relaxation 10ml blend because my job is very stressful plus I’m a wife, mom, and grad student!

  17. I learned that Claire an Acne Solution Blend is a blend geared towards reducing acne and making the tone and texture of the skin better. Apply on problematic skin spots.

  18. I would love to try the Simply Aroma‚Äôs Ultrasonic Diffuser. I also didn’t know you could become a consultant. I am currently part of Arbonne, but this looks fun too.

  19. Living in a house with 3 little boys, I’d have to say…Relaxation! That’s the oil I need!

  20. I am interested in trying the Relaxation oil. I drink hot tea at night as a stress reliever before bed but am interested in the oil for that reason.

  21. I would love to try the Relaxation blend. Work has been extra stressful lately, and I’ve been reading up on the benefits of aromatherapy and caregiver stress.

  22. I would love to try the Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) for depression and anxiety because lately I have been really feeling it

  23. I’d love to try the Bergamot oil. I learned that a drop or two on the bottom of your feet before bedtime will help you relax and sleep soundly. Awesome!

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