The Fight of The Toddler Bed

The Fight of The Toddler Bed 1

The Fight of The Toddler Bed 2A few weeks ago, we finally took Aubrey out of her crib and in to a brand new toddler bed. We were excited, she was excited.

But now, we are all tired. Aubrey will not stay in her bed.

We’ve but a baby gate up at the girls’ door, we’ve done the no talk and straight back to her bed. Nothing is working. She’ll come out and lay on our loveseat and fall asleep. I’m not sure what it is but for some reason, she wakes up like no other. We have night lights so it’s not pitch black in the room. I even went as far as putting her CD player back in her room that plays lullaby music.

I’m stumped. Have you fought your little one to stay in their bed?

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  1. Unfortunately, it takes some time. As long as you are consistent, she will eventually get the hang of it and start staying in her bed. You just have to keep being diligent and putting her back in her bed. It will be hard, trust me! I’ve been there!

  2. I am having the same problem, but we haven’t moved the crib out of Zoey’s room yet. I have no idea how to explain to her that her little bed is for sleeping.

    Zoey is 2 (turned 2 in Dec.) I was wondering if I am starting this too early? It freaks me out because she is big enough to fall out of her crib.

    How old is your daughter?

    1. Aubrey turned 2 in September but with Kelsie, we bought her big girl bed for her second birthday so it’s a tough call.

  3. Hm. Maybe putting the bed in your room, and then – when she get used to sleeping in her own bed – move it in her room?

  4. that’s tough, I wish I had advice for you. We put Hannah in a big bed late (she was 2.5) and she never even tried to get out of her bed. She would even call out for us to get her in the morning instead of just getting up like she was still in the crib. Good luck with it! I’m sure she’ll come around

  5. Oh you have NO idea! We fought and struggled with our daughter for years. Literally. None of us slept for the first 4 years of her life, and when it came time to put her in a toddler bed, it didn’t get any better. We even bought one of those miniature fold out couches (which actually worked eventually). She didn’t sleep in a normal bed until she was about 6. I feel for you (hugs)

  6. have you tried one of those stars or fishy things for the ceiling. OUR seems too like it and sometimes it plays til they fall asleep. Good luck

    I’ll be switching my almost 3 yr old to hi bed soon too

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