Finding the Right Credit Card Reward Program for Your Children

Finding the Right Credit Card Reward Program for Your Children 1

It often seems as though there’s a credit card rewards program for everything and anything these days. If you want discounts on your favorite retailer, rebates on gas purchases, miles for airline flights, or benefits when it comes to your favorite sports teams, you can probably find a rewards card out there that fits the bill.

But people looking for rewards programs that satisfy the whole family are more likely to find themselves disappointed. While there are numerous awards out there that can appeal to mom and dad, few programs actively target children and their interests. Considering the cost of raising children and the unique subset of activities that qualify as “family friendly,” this reflects a missed opportunity for companies and credit card agencies. Fortunately, there are still several great options out there for those who seek a rewards program with a kid-centric focus.

Here are a few types of rewards programs that keep the needs and interests of young children foremost in mind:

Everyday Discounts for the Whole Family

Several retailers offer rewards programs that provide everyday discounts with a kid-friendly focus. These programs can give you savings at family restaurants, amusement parks, children’s clothing stores, museums, and other kid-themed entertainment destinations. Oshkosh B’Gosh’s program is one of the strongest and most widely used of these options.

Discounts for Your Next Vacation

Families with children often find themselves vacationing in specific family-friendly destinations. Having a rewards program that targets these destinations can consequently result in significant savings. Since most families venture to Disneyworld or Disneyland at some point or another, perhaps your best bet is to get a Disney rewards card. Using this card can lower your admissions costs, get you discounted hotel rates in Anaheim or Orlando, and help you save money on a wide range of merchandise optons.

Keep the Cash

Raising kids can be unpredictable, no less so from a financial perspective. You never know when your child will outgrow his clothes, require stitches, or find a costly new sport that he wants to pursue. For this reason, seeking out the best credit cards for cash back may be the best way to find a rewards program that fits your children’s flexible needs. As an added bonus, many of these programs offer no annual fee credit cards.

These are three of the best ways to secure credit card rewards that the whole family can enjoy. A rewards program should ultimately reflect your greatest interests and passions. If you’re a mom, there’s no doubt that nothing takes precedence over your kids. Finding the Right Credit Card Reward Program for Your Children 2

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