My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012

My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012 1

Every so often I get swept up in the world of mobile on-the-go entertainment, during these times I have a handful of games and apps that I turn to multiple times on a daily basis. So far this month, these are the apps that keep me coming back. They are especially helpful when I am trying my hardes to stay awake during the pesky 2AM feedings for Emma.

Plague Inc. 99ยข

My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012 2There is just something thrilling about Plague Inc. The object of this game is to infect and kill the world with your disease. There are different levels in which your disease spawns from different things (such as bacteria.) You also can select between three different difficulty levels. I am still battling normal mode…

Draw Something by OMGPOP $1.99

My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012 3I always get sucked into the social games where friends are required to play. This turn based game is fun because you want to draw well so your teammate can easily guess what you’ve drawn. The point of this game is go gain as many turns as possible, it is fun to see how many turns you can wrack up. Plus, you get to draw fun and silly things like plumbers with their cracks hanging out. It is also a fun little investment for spend $3 and get some styluses so you can unleash your full drawing potential.

Sleepmaker Rain Pro 99ยข

My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012 4This app may not be for everyone, but I know when I am having a hard time falling asleep or I just want to relax I grab my headphones and turn to Sleepmaker Rain Pro. Nothing relaxes me more than the sound of rainfall and this app delivers dozens of different rain sounds. It also comes with a timer so you can have it play for as long or as short as you’d like. Well worth the buck for the countless ways it can relax you!

Scramble With Friends $2.99

My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012 5Yet another fun game to play with friends, but this one is competitive in nature. Use the power of a quick eye, cat-like reflexes, and your personal vocabulary to find more words than the opponent. I’ve found myself being sucked into this turn based game every night as I’m falling asleep. My favorite person to play with? Cheryl from The Beautiful Side of Hectic. Beware who you play, though, my own husband refuses to play with me anymore because I beat him a few too many times.

Drop 7 $2.99

My Favorite iPhone Apps of June 2012 6Drop 7 is an addicting puzzle game that requires you to do some simple addition and a lot of your strategy skills. It may look out-dated and very 1985, but it will provide hours and hours of fun. You will be dying to beat your own high scores. Each new level will challenge you significantly then the last. Just a warning: You will want to throw your phone against the wall often.

My app preferences change often, but I think these will be favorites for a long while.

What are your favorite iPhone apps so far in 2012?

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  1. Great post Nina! I’m a Draw Something and Scramble with Friends lover myself! I have yet to try out your other favorites, but I’m definitely looking forward to checking them out; especially Plague and Drop. They sound interestingly fun! I don’t have too many favorite apps on my phone, but I would definitely consider Instagram, Facebook and Dish Remote Access to be among the few. I travel a lot through the years for my job at Dish, so entertainment apps are definitely the ones I go for first. Dish Remote Access is fun because it lets me watch all of my favorite shows from home on my phone, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. It didn’t come out this year either, but it still (even a few years later) remains to be my most used. Thanks for the read; I really enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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