Family Impact=Happy Balanced Life

Family Impact=Happy Balanced Life 1

When you’re dealing with appointments, getting kid’s projects done, and trying to run a household, it’s sure to cause stress. Stress can cause tension within your family, especially when everyone is in overload.

Family Impact has created a CD series as a resource to help families with everything relationships-getting children to listen and follow directions, balancing out the million tasks parents have to deal with, as well as taking the time to work on your relationship with your spouse.

I can admit, communication can be hard for me at times. Growing up, communication in my household was mum. As I became an adult and a parent, I’ve watched myself struggle to actually discuss what’s going on and why I am stressed, etc. It makes life hard when you hold those emotions inside. Teaching myself to communicate helps to role model for your children communication so there’s easier ways to explain WHY they can’t do something and how to de-escalate those temper tantrums.

Family Impact=Happy Balanced Life 2One thing I’ve had to remind Steven of that Family Impact really points out is how yelling doesn’t bring a situation down when it comes to discipline and instead, everyone ends up more frustrated. Structure makes life easier. When a child acts up, having something set in stone, such as our girls know time-out is a likely thing to happen when they did something wrong. We’ve all fallen into the Parent Traps of temper tantrums, whining, etc. Family Impact and Dr. Jones’ book, “Are Your Kids Driving You Nuts?” help find the ways to prevent and avoid it when this happens.

Family Impact was created by marriage and family therapist, Dr. James Jones in the hopes to help live a balanced life and get control over your household so all can live happily. While obviously, some things will work for some and not for others, The fact of communication and structure with consistency is something I believe we all can agree upon.

“This post was written for Family Review Network & Family Impact who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest review”

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