Eclectix Six:Growing Together!

Eclectix Six:Growing Together! 1

When it comes to be involved in blogging, I’ve always found I’ve enjoyed the chance to connect with fellow bloggers and one of the greatest things is being able to learn from one another.

Eclectix Six:Growing Together! 2

Recently, several bloggers and friends that I know came together to form a community for fellow bloggers and I’ve been so excited to follow their new adventure and their online forum at Eclectic Six. As this adventure for them grows, I am happy to be one of the “first” of this online forum and hope to share my knowledge as well as pick up from others as well.

From conversations about anything we might experience throughout the day to helping fellow bloggers with learning how to design or understanding that PHP code you have no idea about, Eclectic Six will keep you learning and growing! Head on over and check them out!

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