LOL Yes I got another piercing…

and it’s something I’ve heard many go “What is that!?” I am the new “owner” of a microdermal piercing. There are several methods and thankfully, my artist uses a “dermal punch”. I know I know, now I’ve got you going HUH? I can’t take any pictures for a few days as I’m following my tattoo artists rules to a T since this is a new experience for me.

The simplest way to describe the jewelery is that of a miniaturised transdermal implant, i.e. a flat plate which sits beneath the skin with a single exit for a barbell post giving the visual effect of jewellery (a bead, spike, etc.) that appears to be screwed right into the body (

You can literally have a microdermal implant placed well, anywhere you have skin. It took some time to think about where to put it but Bob(tattoo artist) and I decided in the small of my back to accent my lower back tattoo. And honestly, I slept on my back last night, I’ve been leaning in chairs during class today, and I have no idea that the microdermal is there.

Sorry I can’t provide pics yet as I just have it covered still!

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  1. Ok I’m itching to get one now – but brainstorming where I could get one that wouldn’t show openly…

  2. Wow, that is very interesting! I hadn’t heard about these or seen them before. I have been itching for another piercing but just not sure what to get. I was thinking of the “monroe” piercing. So far, I’ve just been sticking with the ink. Itching for another one of those too! I checked out the site you posted. People have them placed in the oddest places!

  3. I saw someone with one at SeaWorld the other day. Amazing … cant wait to see pics.

  4. Interesting….Your brave, I don’t think I could do that.. However I do already want 2 more tat’s hehehehe… Can’t wait to see pics!

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