Dream Holiday Ideas for Kids

Dream Holiday Ideas for Kids 1

Deciding where to take your kids on holiday can take a lot of time and effort. You need to go somewhere the whole family enjoy, where the kids will be occupied the majority of the time – and it’s been made even more difficult now that schools have introduced fines for parents to take their kids out of school out of the holidays. However, kids still deserve a break, and whether you’re taking them during the holidays or not is irrelevant – taking them away on a dream holiday is one of the best things you can do for them! Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort

 This magical place is 47 square miles all around, including amazing theme parks, water parks, and entertainment areas. There’s something for kids of every age here, from the very young to teens – and even stuff for adults too! You’ll all enjoy fireworks, meals, rides, and more – Walt Disney World brings out the kid in everyone. You’ll need 2 days at least to see everything. Cheap hotels in Orlando are available too if you’re on a budget!

 Discovery Cove

Not too far away from Disney World, there’s a once in a lifetime experience waiting at Discovery Cove. Swimmers need to be 6 or older to swim and play with the incredible kissing dolphins, but this day out can be enjoyed by all ages. You’ll enjoy plenty more amazing animals too, and have a lovely meal before you leave for the day.

 Monterey Bay Aquarium

Located on the gorgeous coast of California, you’d be crazy not to love this aquarium. You can watch all kinds of animals in their natural environment, from whales to sealions. The kids will love the touch pools too!


Disneyland Paris is a slightly cheaper alternative for those who want to enjoy the magic Disney has to offer but doesn’t want to travel all the way over to America. You’ll all still be able to enjoy great rides and attractions, as well as meet the characters from some of the most loved Disney films.

 The Wind in The Willows Caravan

This caravan was specially made for the recent film of Wind in the Willows, and is hidden away in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside. There’s only room for a very small family, but one small child and two adults should squeeze in. This is more fun than usual camping, as it still provides a spot of luxury. Cook your dinner over an open fire and then listen to the owls gently hoot you off to sleep.

Fisherman’s Huts in Kent

These fisherman’s huts located in Whitstable, Kent are perfect holidays for kids. They’re furnished beautifully, all the while looking like a large garden shed. Outside there are plenty of opportunities for your kids to explore and get some fresh air, including beautiful beaches and great places to eat.

Sometimes the kids deserve a fantastic, exciting break away – so take them to one of these dream destinations and have an amazing time as a family!

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