Did Your Child Get Sick? Here Are 5 Signs That Indicate Something Serious Might Be Going On

Did Your Child Get Sick? Here Are 5 Signs That Indicate Something Serious Might Be Going On 1

As a parent, you’ll already know how stressful it can be when your child gets sick, and how worried it can make you feel when it gets ongoing. However, while you’ve probably been told time and time again not to panic and that everything’s going to be okay, which is perhaps true, there’s the other side of things where it’s best to safe than sorry.

With this in mind, today we’re going to explore the five signs you can look out for to make sure your child is safe and well, even when they’re sick, and what you should be looking for that might prove something more serious is going on.

#1 – Check Their Temperature

When a child gets sick, or when anybody does for that matter, there’s no denying they get a fever and their temperature will change a little. However, when you’re taking their temperature just to keep an eye on things like you normally would have physical touch as well.

If your child feels hot and has a high temperature, but their hands and feet feel cold, this can be a sign of something more serious; such as weak blood flow. Make sure you’re taking the temperature regularly and contacting a doctor for a professional opinion.

#2 -Motor Skills

Is your child finding it hard to wake up? Do they seem lethargic or dazed? Perhaps they even seem confused and completely out of it? Of course, if your child has had medication, this could be a common side effect, but if not, this may be something you want to raise with a professional.

#3 – Unwillingness to Eat

While appetites tend to fade slightly during terms of sickness or illness if your child is under 8 weeks old and doesn’t want to eat anything, nor has the motivation or attempts to eat anything, contact your doctor immediately. Babies need a lot of energy during this stage of their lives, and failure to get that energy can be dangerous to their health.

#4 – Any Kind of Fit

One of the scariest times you may have in your child’s life is finding out your child is allergic to something. Even if your child has a fit but it seems like they recovered, make sure you’re seeking medical assistance to determine what it was and what happened, as well as checking over their health.

#5 – Breathing Problems?

Of course, the most common, and perhaps most important, aspect you’ll want to keep an eye on is your child’s breathing. You should know already what your child’s breathing sounds like, and of course, when they’re ill it’s going to sound different, but if it sounds too different, seek medical assistance.

If you have an unsecured medical loan, these costs will be covered, but minimal breathing or really fast-paced breathing could be a sign of something more serious.


While statistically, your child is going to be okay, even if they get sick for a bit, it’s far better to make sure you’re being safe and prepared, and getting the help you may need when you think you need it. Don’t risk it.

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