Create a Valentine’s Day That Suits You!

Create a Valentine's Day That Suits You! 1

Valentine’s day is on the horizon, do you love or loathe the holiday? Sure. it might be a marketing ploy to convince us all to spend our money, however there’s nothing wrong with dedicating a day to the one we love. People argue that you should show love all year round which is of course true, however real life isn’t always this simple. We have down days or fall into a rut, we can take the one we love for granted- we are human after all. Having that day where you can show appreciation and express how much you care about your partner definitely can’t hurt, and you can choose to celebrate it however you like. Here are a few ideas of what you could get up to!

Keep it relaxed

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this week, so chances are you and your partner will have both been at work and will be quite tired by the time the evening rolls around. For this reason you might choose to keep the occasion low key. How about lighting some candles, playing some relaxing music and running them a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine when they get home. You could either cook a simple yet delicious meal from scratch, order in a takeaway or take advantage of the Valentines meal deals grocery stores are offering at the minute. These are usually very nice three course meals that are ready prepared and just need you to cook in the oven. That way you know you’re getting something tasty without needing lots of preparation time. Add some rose petals to the bed and hand them some flowers and chocolates, just because it’s relaxed doesn’t mean it can’t be heart warming!Create a Valentine's Day That Suits You! 2

Go somewhere fancy

If on the other hand you really want to really push the boat out, why not go somewhere fancy? It’s an excuse for you both to dress up and could be a nice way to spend and evening if you don’t get to have too many date nights. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a particular restaurant for a while and want to try it out, or perhaps you have somewhere of significance you could go? It could be where you went on your first date, where your partner proposed or a firm favorite that you like to visit on special occasions. You could dine on three courses, drink champagne, wine or cocktails. You could even book a restaurant on a boat if you live near somewhere offering this, or do something a bit different and book a trip n a hot air balloon! If you struggle finding gifts for men who have everything then something like this could be ideal, as you have an awesome date and a gift idea in one. Lots of places have experience days so you should find it easy if you want to push the boat out.

Make a day of it

Maybe you and your partner both have the day off on Valentines Day, or you might choose to celebrate it at the weekend. If so, you get to make a whole day of it! How about going on a day trip, you could go to the zoo, walk around beautiful gardens, you could even do a class together like a cooking or dance class. You could stop for some lunch and then later on head out for a romantic evening to some bars- canal sides usually have nice pubs so you could walk along the canal and stop at the places you pass. If you have a whole day to celebrate there are plenty of options, so have a think about what would suit you both and what would be both fun and romantic.

Go on a mini break

If you and your partner are struggling with the January blues and know by the middle of freezing cold February it will be the same situation, why not jet off for a while? You could go on a long weekend to somewhere a little warmer and brighter and devote the time to spending together. It’s a pricier option but well worth it, especially if you want to make it one to remember. Have a look at last minute vacation deals and check your work schedules and see if it would be a possibility. Long walks on the beach, shopping, bars, five star dining- it’s definitely a great way to celebrate Valentines!


What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? Do you have something extra special planned, or will you be taking it easy and cuddling up on the sofa together?

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