Coupons for Good-4 Ways to Support Cancer Research through Giving Gifts

Coupons for Good-4 Ways to Support Cancer Research through Giving Gifts 1

When you’re shopping around for the perfect gift, consider what the companies you patronize will do with your money. Some amazing businesses donate money to cancer research when you make certain purchases. Next time you’re trying to decide whether to buy someone flowers, jewelry, or an interesting trinket, think about the source of the gift. Choose a company that will donate to cancer research so your gift touches more than one heart.

Order a Bouquet

Whether you know a cancer survivor or you simply want to celebrate someone you love, a bouquet from 1-800-Flowers is a wonderful way to do so. Along with fantastic coupon options, 1-800-Flowers offers a promo code that lets customers support the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) with their purchases. If you order a bouquet valued at $39.99 or more and enter the AICR promo code on your checkout page, 1-800-Flowers will donate $5 to AICR. You can also order over the phone and let the operator know you want to support AICR with your purchase.


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Tasty fruit, delicious chocolate, and other mouth-watering flavors come together in Edible Arrangements. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or you just want to show someone you care, an Edible Arrangement is a wonderful way to bring some tasty delight to someone’s day. During October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Edible Arrangements offers a Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. When you purchase an arrangement from the pink-inspired collection, the company donates 10 percent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to support cancer research.

Accessorize in Style

If you’re sending a bouquet of flowers to a cancer survivor or a patient, add a personal touch with a necklace, bracelet, or wristlet. Next time you treat your best friend or yourself to a cool new accessory, purchase one that helps fund cancer research. Everything But Water currently offers a 25 percent donation to Living Beyond Breast Cancer with every sale of three gorgeous accessories. The company’s WOMAN gold bracelet, pink crystal necklace, and Deux Lux Smartphone Wristlet with a pink stripe are all stylish options.

Indulge in Wine

Do you know what tastes amazing with an Edible Arrangement? Wine. The One Hope Wine company offers a way to give thoughtful gifts while making a difference for causes that matter. One of those causes is the fight against breast cancer. The Pink 365 Gift Box includes a bottle of delicious wine and a candle. The standard box purchase funds a clinical trial for a woman with breast cancer. If you upgrade to the pink glitter edition, your box order funds clinical trials for two women with breast cancer.

You don’t need to know someone who has battled cancer to understand how important it is to donate money to cancer research. Sometimes the fight for a cure seems just a few innovations away, and other times it feels like decades will pass before humanity has defeated this foe. Either way, know you’re doing good for many by giving gifts that also fund cancer research.

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