Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Twins and Graco Car Seats

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When I found out I was pregnant with twins, my head started spinning. There are so many things to take into consideration when you are preparing for a baby; you find yourself speechless when prepping for two new little ones to join your family at the same time. While I still find myself learning new things every day as a mom of multiples, there are definitely some tips I’ve found to help make things run smoother!

Here are some great tips for any time you have to travel, near or far, with twins.

  • Pack Ahead. Something I always found beneficial was to have a bag of necessities in the car anywhere you go. Have a spot in your vehicle where you have extra diapers, wipes, extra clothing, and anything you find yourself using on a daily basis. Trust me when I say, it’s easy to forget things as you walk out the door with two in tow. 😉
  • Plan Outings Accordingly. When you can, make appointments or errands for times after naps and feeding. Sure, we all know that naptime doesn’t always go according to plan but if you can leave home after babies are well rested and fed, you are less likely to avoid a meltdown on the go.
  • Find Car Seat Essentials It’s no surprise that when you are making purchases for your children, extra consideration goes into two car seats at the same time. You think about where each seat will fit in your vehicle, if the infant car seat will fit your stroller, and of course, safety ratings. We had quite a bit of chaos when bringing home the twins from the NICU and finding the right seats but as with my older kids, I found myself looking at a wide variety of Graco car seats. It has been a name brand I’ve trusted and we’ve used a variety of products from their baby products. Graco Snugride ClickConnect
  • Travel in “packs”. There are two babies (in our case, plus older siblings!) so don’t be afraid to use your “Backup”. Whether it be your spouse, a parent, or a friend that needs to cure their baby fever, traveling with twins is much easier when one adult can keep their eyes on the road and the other can have twin duty in the moving vehicle. Let’s be honest, while you get used to carrying  two babies at once, that extra set of hands helps as well as you are moving around a busy store or navigating a doctor’s office. There have been several times shopping with the twins that I’ve had someone with me.
  • Don’t Overplan Sure, we think it’s worth it to get all that traveling done in one day but don’t pack your schedule from sun up to sun down. Appointments for twins get chaotic, they run over-schedule, and by the end of the day, you ready to curl up in the crib with them.
  • If traveling long distance, bring treats. Books, iPads, you name it. We once drove from Iowa to Florida when the twins were under one year old and well, it was stressful. I found myself hiding in the back with them reading, making silly faces, and doing what I could to keep them happy. Now that they are older, it is easier to keep them content when we are driving. From dance parties in the back seat to yelling every time we see a train, I can admit, the twins keep me on my toes.

Identical twin boys MommyJenna

What makings traveling with multiples easier for you? 

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  1. Your boys are SO cute! I’m currently in the market for a new car seat and this one (like most Graco products) seems to be a perfect fit! Definitley checking this one out next time I’m shopping!

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