Christmas Decorating with The Little Hands (and Paws)

Christmas Decorating with The Little Hands (and Paws) 1

With two little girls and three cats, one a kitten, we’ve had to get creative with our Christmas decorating ideas. This year, we’ve tried to get our children involved in Christmas decorating and it’s been a great experience giving them the chance to have a part.

This year while shopping, Kelsie and Aubrey both got to pick out an ornament of their own. Kelsie picked Dora and of course, Aubrey had to have Spongebob. This past weekend, we promised Kelsie we’d put our tree up. We had some issues getting it here, so luckily, I found a good deal and ran out to a store down the street and got a brand new Christmas tree. While we still need to get some more ornaments for it, we’ve put anything glass towards the top of our tree and then at the bottom, each girl helped decorate.

I have decided that one of our “family traditions” I would like to start is giving the girls the opportunity to pick out a new ornament Christmas Decorating with The Little Hands (and Paws) 2each year. I of course remember the different Christmas ornaments I got to make when I was little that we would bring home from school. I’ve tried to think about more traditions to get for my children. Kelsie is very excited to help make Christmas cookies. We did the photo Christmas cards this year. I would like to get some personalized Christmas ornaments as well to make our home more about our family.

What types of ways do you get your kids involved? Do you have any family traditions that you have from when you were little? Ones you’d like to start now?

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