Childbirth Catastrophes- What to do when your Special Delivery goes wrong

Childbirth Catastrophes- What to do when your Special Delivery goes wrong 1

You’ll never forget those overwhelming joyous feelings as you clutch your positive pregnancy test. The rush of nerves mixed with pure excitement at you and your partner’s wonderful success at creating a new life. You do everything you possibly can for your little budding karate champ as they grow and kick inside you- trying to eat right, attending all the scans, checkups and antenatal classes, having plenty of rest, and getting their room ready for when they’re born.

When the big day finally arrives, as the contractions start and you rush to hospital, you put your faith entirely in the maternity staff who deliver babies all day, every day. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, even with the most qualified and experienced midwives on hand. These errors can be all the more heartbreaking when it could easily have been avoided.

These complications can result in the birth changing the family’s lives more then they could have ever imagined, requiring adapting to mental and physical damage which happened to the baby during labour. Or even some families must return home without their baby, grieving for their stillborn child.

Any complications can be highly distressing for you and the baby, so if you have been the victim of a traumatic birth occurrence, resulting in devastating injury to yourself or your infant, or even the inconsolable loss of life of the child, then you should be entitled to medical negligence compensation.

 Claims experts at Alexander Harris work in partnership with solicitors at Irwin Mitchell, to assist victims of clinical negligence. These lawyers are experts in the field of birth injury and complication cases. They are dedicated to investigating the circumstances of your medical mistreatment, aiming to secure you a justified compensation settlement.

Even though nothing can fully reverse the physical and emotional damage you’ve experienced, winning a case can provide some comfort for the needless pain and suffering you have endured. It can ensure that possible future welfare, as a result of the birth trauma, can be provided for with lifelong financial assistance supporting care needs. It will also aim to guarantee that the same devastation will not so easily occur to other couples and babies in the future. Thus, improving medical birth standards and practices.

If you wish to seek advice about making a potential claim, please visit , to see if you could receive much deserved compensation for your childbirth trauma.

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