10 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

10 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs 1

It is hard to believe the Easter is just around the corner. We all know the basic ways to decorate Easter eggs but here is a list of ten fun and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. April 5th is officially Easter this year.


Make Mod Podge Glitter Eggs – Mod Podge Rocks
Marbled Easter Eggs – Carolyn’s Homework
Homemade Easter Egg Dye – Living on a Dime
Easter Dinosaur Eggs – The Joys of Boys
3D Panoramic Egg Tutorial – Suzy’s Sitcom
Rubber Band Easter Eggs – Simply Stacie
Meet the Dumpty Family Easter Eggs – Organized 31
Easy Tissue Paper Easter Eggs Craft – The Thrifty Diva
Silk Tie Easter Eggs – Family Food And Travel
Colored Easter Eggs – Crafts by Amanda

How Do You Decorate Easter Eggs?


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  1. I am so lame, I usually don;t even bother decorating eggs. Maybe I will this year, though 🙂

  2. I am not a fan off messy egg decorating techniques so decorating with crayons, stickers or strips of glitter duck tape are my preferred ways. My stepmom loves egg decorating, though, so I’m happy to let her be the one to do that activity with my kids

  3. My kids are teenagers so it’s been a few years since we’ve decorated eggs, but it was usually just the basic dipping kits and maybe a few stickers for extra fun.

  4. This is an inspiring post! I remember the traditional way of decorating eggs…vinegar and dissolving colored tablets…so many cooler ways to decorate now, I’m excited to try these!

  5. I used to love decorating Easter eggs, especially when mom did the cool trick of writing on them with white crayon so our names would show up. Now, there are so many cool ways to decorate, with and without traditional colors! These are some fun and easy ideas to try with the kids.

  6. Great ideas. Last year we didn’t even dye Easter eggs! It’s definitely something we need to do with the kids this year. We’ll probably go with store bought dye kits!

  7. I have used stickers to decorate Easter eggs before especially when my girls were little.

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