Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

For The Love of Baby has teamed up with Global Influence and Buzzed Driving to remind everyone to be safe this holiday season. Will you take the pledge to not drive buzzed? I am. Don’t take the risk of harming yourself, your family, and others out on the roads.

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving 1
It’s holiday party season – time to celebrate all of the exciting winter holidays with our friends and loved ones.  Our mailboxes are flooded with invitations to parties and dinners and other holiday get-togethers.  With these parties come food, fellowship, gifts, and in many cases, festive alcoholic drinks.

In 2008, nearly 12,000 people in the U.S. were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes – and during the periods around Christmas and New Year’s, this number was particularly high, with 316 people killed in alchol-impaired driving crashes. In 2007, 162,493 women were arrested for a DUI, an increase of almost 29% since 1998.  You can’t help but wonder if lives could have been saved if people thought twice before getting behind the wheel.  With the holidays approaching, it’s important that drivers be reminded about the dangers of buzzed driving.  Who knows…it could save a life.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) and the Ad Council are asking everyone to drive smart this holiday season and to pledge not to drive buzzed.  Help spread this message during the holiday season by posting about the dangers of buzzed driving, sharing a story or experience you might have had with buzzed driving and encouraging readers to follow Buzzed Driving on Twitter (@buzzeddriving) and Facebook to get the latest updates and news.  You can also visit the Buzzed Driving website where readers can sign a pledge to not drive buzzed, play an interactive game which demonstrates the difference between buzzed and drunk, and hear personal stories from people who have driven buzzed.

While at holiday events, it’s easy to lose track of a drink here or there – but this can be fatal.  This holiday season, keep you and your family safe by spreading this message.

Have a safe and happy holiday and remember that buzzed driving IS drunk driving.

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  1. I am always the DD when I go out with the group.
    Its too risky putting your life and others in danger!

  2. What a great post! You can never be too careful when out drinking,and giving up your keys is one of the safest ways to get home. I am working with the Ad Council, and they are also running a campaign against drunk driving – visit to view PSA’s about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Keep up the great work Love of Baby!

  3. Great message. I think we sometimes forget that if we are impaired, even if not technically drunk we are still dangerous on the road!

  4. Thank you for posting those statistics. I am taking the pledge for sure, although I am not much of a drinker! Our local police set up DUI check points every year this time of year and catch dozens of people who have been drinking. I think more check points need to be done randomly, especially around bars and hang out spots. Thanks for posting this important information.

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