Are You There?

Hi! I see you reading but I don’t know who you are!

If you are a blogger, sometimes you see a person come back but you never get to pinpoint who it is that’s reading. So when you visit a blog, don’t be afraid to say Hi. Leave a comment. Let us know what you think, where you found us. I like to know who’s here.

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  1. I don’t have a blog. I was thinking about it at one time, but it seems to be a little beyond my computer skills and understanding. I enjoy reading others blogs and at times commenting. I hope that’s okay that non blog owners/reviewers can participate in this manner.

  2. Lauralee, we love having people check out the blogs! My main reason for posting this is wanting to learn more about all of you that come to visit! I’m writing for YOU guys, I just want to know who you all are 😀

  3. I have a blog its nothing like your blog or some of the others that have giveaways, I don’t have time working 50+ hours a week and then being a mother of two almost three. But that’s how I found mommy jenna, you left a comment on one of few posts I do have on there. Plus I can keep up with all the blogs I do follow on my blog so its more for my own personal use most times.

  4. I stop by different blogs and read what is goin on in their part of the world.. tips on books folks have read or what is the hot gift this year, or they maybe tried out a new product and read their thoughts on it. Or just to send a quick note to see how they are doing.

  5. Hi, I’m Patti. I don’t have a blog yet, but I love contests, love blogs & twitter:) I found you on a google search & have been loyaly entering your contest everyday since 🙂 Love your other posts too!

  6. HellO~
    I am a blog follower!
    I am hoping to start my own blog in 2010~

    Thanks for doing a great job w yours!!

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