Welcome to Potty Training 101

Today’s class is an independent study. Why? Because nothing will ever work the same for everyone.

The big girl panties are on.

The potty chair is sitting in the living room.

The potty treat box is set out.

The timer is set for every 30 minutes.

Now the question is….Will Mom pass in getting Kelsie potty trained?

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  1. Good luck with that! Potty training in this house has gone on for months. My 3 year old is great at going when I put him on but he never wants to tell me when he has to go!

  2. What worked for my younger sis and one of her kids was, she finally put him in underwear with a plastic pants around it, and if he made a mistake instead of telling mommy he had to go, he had to rinse his underwear out in the toliet. He didn’t like sticking his hands in the cold toliet bowl water and then having to wash all the nasty germs off his hands. He told mommy “Too cold” and “it stinks.” After one day of doing this he was finally trained after three months of her wanting to pull her hair out trying to get him trained.

  3. I am not doing so well in the potty training dept with ym daughter but hope to see some positive updates from you and yours.

  4. Crossing my fingers that it went well. Potty training can be daunting. That’s a pretty cute mischevious look on her face 🙂

  5. The timer worked for us, and everytime they drank anything, I took them in a sat them down with a few minutes of drinking.

  6. I used a chart. My daughter did not have that much trouble learning to PP in the potty (thanks to her daycare), but the #2 was a bit strickier!!!!!!! I used the chart and it worked so well. She was potty trained with #2 within 2 weeks! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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