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Bitstrips Cartoon Characters on Facebook

Sometimes, when you are on the computer, you just have to explore.

Sure enough, I’ve done this within the past 72 hours and seen a ton of friends doing as well. I discovered Bitstrips over the weekend and have shared laughs with both friends and family. My Mom even asked me how to do so and started making her own strips.

What is Bitstrips?

Bitstrips is a Facebook app where you can create your own avatar and place yourself and friends in comics in a matter of seconds.

Share instant comics and cards starring you and your friends!

Design expressive cartoon avatars for all your friends.

Put them in hilarious comics where anything can happen!

Create custom e-cards for any occasion.

Share your mood with cartoon status updates!

You customize your avatar to look like you and you can quickly find yourself deciding which cartoon to play with next. Has your friend not created an avatar yet? No worries! You can design an avatar for your friend.

Myself as the President of the United States “Addressing the Nation”

Tanya of MommyGoggles.com are always having fun creating comic strips with each other involved.

Best Buddies of Course!
Best Buddies of Course!

Anyone that knows me knows, I can be a complete goofball and prankster. I couldn’t help it and had to create an avatar for my Mom, and add her in to some of my known antics.

Does Mom have a case of the Mondays?
Does Mom have a case of the Mondays?

I’ve seen quite a few friends in my Facebook stream picking up on and enjoying creating their “cartoon character”. Create a cartoon strip to share a laugh with your friends or create a photo to update your “status” for the day.

As you play and find how much a cartoon can look like you and show your personality, you’ll be finding yourself creating Bitstrips throughout the day.

MommyJenna BitStripsWhat are you waiting for? Go make your Bitstrips avatar and enjoy a laugh!



Since the original time this was posted, Bitstrips has just recently released an app. I’ve downloaded it through the Google Play Store but, it appears there are ALOT of people trying to check it out. Bitstrips appears to be working on creating servers than can handle this.


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