Back to School for Mommy

Back to School for Mommy 1

Fall semester officially starts today for me. While I took off the summer semester, I had quite a few people stunned when I told them I was registered for fall classes, especially with twins on the way.

While yes, many would have probably waited, I figured there’s no reason for me to not continue working towards my degree. While yes, there’s a chance I will be put on bed rest at some point in the next semester, I decided to pick classes that were online. One class will be Web Blended where I have to go to class once a week.

This semester I’ll be busy with

  • Intro to Criminal Justice (yes, I’m way further than that in the degree but never took it to begin with and will need it)
  • Police and Society
  • Correctional Treatment Methods
  • Operating Systems for Forensics

Now, to keep myself focused and get to work!

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