Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Gift Idea *Review*

Kelsie has always been a very great big sister. She’s been quick to help comfort Aubrey when she fussed little and she loved the chance to help grab things we need to help. She has started to take a passion for playing with dolls, like most little girls do. She loves the chance to “be mommy”

Having the chance to check out Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo, I knew this would be a great Christmas gift idea for any little girl that likes to “play Mommy”. Now, I was a little nervous seeing that this doll “comes alive” with the chance for your girl to feed baby a bottle and yes, change her diaper but Kelsie was beyond estatic and ready to go when she saw her Baby.

This precious doll comes complete with her very own bottle, 2 diapers, a baby rattle, and 2 juice mixes to feed her. The Baby Alive line of toys offers a variety of fun dolls and accessories perfect for little girls that want to help out, just like Mommy.

Another great thing about the Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo is the chance for your toddler to assert their independence. When she wanted to change baby’s diaper,  I of course asked if she’d like help. “Nope Mommy, Kelsie change the baby’s diaper”. Those little eyes lit up watching her baby squirm and make noises.

Playing “mommy” is more fun than ever with this BABY ALIVE doll that “eats” and “poops” just like a real baby! Feed her or give her a bottle, and then get ready to change her messy diaper! She’ll cry and kick when she needs a change and wiggle and coo when she’s happy—so you’ll always know just how your little one needs you to care for her! Doll comes with bottle, 2 packets of doll juice mix, 2 doll diapers, rattle and t-shirt. Includes 4 “AA” POWRFUEL batteries. Ages 3 and up.

This doll would be perfect for that big sister on your list that loves to help out. Baby Alive is available at most toy retailers or can be purchased online at the HasbroToyShop!

For The Love of Baby received a Baby Alive product to provide the above review. All disclosed within this post are the true opinions of our own and based our own experiences.

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  1. My have times changed ! This looks and act real, my granddaughter will get a kick out of this I have to check it out!Cry and kick when needs to be changed nice! And eats and #2 too lol . Man if they had this when my daughter was growing up she woould love it to death.

  2. I had a Baby Alive as a child and thought it was the greatest thing. Really, I’m not so sure about the cleanliness of it all. The baby must have “food” particles stuck inside her body for eternity, right?

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