Aptive Environmental-Why we won’t recommend this pest control service.

Aptive Pest Control

Living in Iowa, bugs are bound to happen. Unfortunately, in the past few years, I have noticed many individuals talking about the insane amount of wasps there have been. I’m not sure the cause in such an increase but after having two kids stung as we tried to be in our yard, we looked at options. When you have a home with twins, unexpected visitors are not exactly fun. So when a door to door salesman came to our door for Aptive Enviromental, I tried to make the best of it to see how their pest control services would work. I had already been researching pest control in Iowa and not sure where to start. I knew I was getting the typical pushy salesman and with kids coming to the door to see what’s going on, I told myself I could give it a try. Unfortunately, I wish I would have went with my gut and stopped the contract.

Our Experience with Aptive Environmental

Your pest control appointments are not scheduled by you. Aptive picks the dates, sends a “reminder”, and the only way to cancel/reschedule is by calling in. We have never been told an appointment time (even a window) so it can be a bit annoying when you are a busy family like ours. With that, we have security cameras so when one of our service appointments occurred while we weren’t home, it’s no surprise I was highly irritated to see the tech arrive at our home, and be gone from our home in less than ten minutes. TEN MINUTES for $105? No. But with a payment source saved on my account, they charged it quicker than their service time.

While we understand there is no 100% service, we still find wasps, ants, stinkbugs, etc. on a daily basis. Mosquitos are an ADDITIONAL treatment you must pay for if you want them gone. We still find ourselves buying wasp spray, something our salesman said we could stop doing (but a tech telling us otherwise!) and as we discussed service, Nick and I looked at our contract stating service up to 25 feet above ground. We live in a two-story home. We are not only finding wasps nests forming on the first floor crests of our home; they are on the second floor crests we realized we have NEVER seen treated by an Aptive tech. Our services started in Sept 2021 and the crests of our roof have never been touched by Aptive.

We received a “re-service” for free and the tech understood my frustration, was friendly, etc. But nonetheless, a day later, finding another wasp nest being built on a back porch and our small shed covered by contract. Over the weekend in walking alongside our home, 4 wasp nests forming along the first floor crests.

We sent an email once again to Aptive of the issues and that we are not being provided the service promises we were sold. Sure enough, I received a notification for my upcoming appointment on June 15th. This is scheduled as a paying appointment. We have not been contacted regarding our issues so we literally will have to have this appointment to fulfill our “Contract service obligation” and cancel our account. Unfortunately, I am now finding reviews of individuals being made to jump through hoops to cancel their services.

This is our honest opinions based on our service experiences as a paying customer with Aptive. While we knew not to expect perfection living in Iowa, Aptive has fallen far below their salesperson’s pitch and promise of service.

Additional Aptive Enviromental Complaints

Attorney General’s Office Reaches Settlement With Deceptive Pest Control Company (Pittsburgh area)

Aptive Environmental Records Calls Without Consumers’ Consent, Class Action Claims 

BBB Aptive Environmental LLC 1,660 Complaints.

Reddit Complaints about Aptive Enviromental pest control company

Killeen man warns community of pest control salesmen  I too made the mistake of not getting the contract until after seeing it post-ipad. I wanted to hurry up and be done while kids were picking on Mom at the door.

There are also apparently multiple times Aptive has sued city/towns for door-to-door regulations meant to protect their citizens.

Clearly, I ignored the red flags and am now wishing I’d done my research. Hopefully, this will help you in making a better decision than I did.

Final “Service” Appt Update. 

I thought we would be lucky as we had a repeat tech out. I was wrong. We watched on security cameras things NOT done as well as me immediately coming home and checking the “eaves swept for spiders and wasp nests” to clear as day see the nests we knew were there to see they were NOT removed.

We have filed with our Attorney General and BBB. Aptive finally emailed me that they closed my account with a balance of zero and no “termination fee” for wanting out of the contract. While they think that’s an okay thing, the amount of money I paid for each visit and see not once but twice, the tech NOT do what they said they did just isn’t okay with me.

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