5 Tips to be a Rockstar Mama`

5 Tips to be a Rockstar Mama` 1

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5 Tips to be a Rockstar Mama` 2As a Mom, you are on call 24/7. Life is busy. Now as a mom of four with two being twins, life quickly becomes CHAOS. If I was to create five tips of HOW to make life easier for you and your family, this would be part of how to “settle the chaos” and be a Rockstar Mom. Smart parenting makes life easier, no matter what steps you create to make things work.

5 Tips to be a Rockstar Mama

1. Be Flexible. Sure, we all love having that schedule and organization in our lives. When it comes to being a parent though, you have to accept that sometimes we have to roll with the punches. While we are all independent moms, it’s OK to ask for help and switch up your day to day routine. If a little one is sick, stop worrying about that grocery list, and take the time to cuddle.

2.Find time (and sanity!) savers. When you are busy with children’s school activities, doctor’s appointments, and taking care of your home, we all need to find ways to make things more efficient. Plan meals and do make-ahead meals for those busy school weeks. If there’s one thing I KNOW saves both time and sanity, it’s shopping online. With the convenience of diapers.com, you can get all your baby needs shipped to your door! As a MommyJenna reader, you have exclusive access to save $12 off your first diapers.com purchase when you order any Huggies Diaper Case by using the code WOWHUGGIES at checkout. Having the ability to shop from home makes life easier when you aren’t wrestling kiddos in the store. You’ll thank yourself when you know those Huggies Diapers are headed to your house!

3. Make a Plan. While my first tip was to stay flexible, it is important to have a plan. Maybe setting a routine that story time and quiet time before bed starts at a certain time, or attending story time at the library every Thursday. Making a plan helps to create an idea of when things are to be accomplished so life runs more efficient.

4.Stop everything you’re doing and PLAY. Our children grow up way too fast. Yes, as a mom, we get overwhelmed about making sure everything is perfect. STOP. Literally, you might be in the middle of cleaning when you are watching the little ones playing. Get down on the floor and play with your kids. These moments won’t last forever.  Cherish it. huggiesbabyhug

5.Take time for you. As moms we forget to take time out and take care of ourselves. Even if it’s taking the time after the kids are in bed to take a long soak in the bath, don’t forget about you. When you’re frazzled, remember you need to take care of you too so you can be the best mom you can be!

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