Anti-Bullying Twitter Event Monday with @FourSunFlowers

Anti-Bullying Twitter Event Monday with @FourSunFlowers 1

As October marks Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, head over to Twitter this Monday, October 8th for an Anti-Bullying Twitter Event with Marilyn Halas Anti-Bullying Twitter Event Monday with @FourSunFlowers 2(@FourSunFlowers)

To raise awareness for anti-bullying awareness month, we would like to invite you to join Marilynn Halas, children’s book author, life coach and founder of 4 Sunflowers Media. She will answer your questions on how to help your child if he or she has been bullied, how to start a dialogue on tolerance and accepting others as well as discuss the issue on Twitter this Monday at 9:00pm ET.

 Each week, on her Twitter page, @FourSunflowers, Marilynn hosts “Marilynn’s Inn,” a half hour session where she speaks about various parenting topics, using the hashtag #marilynnsinn.

I am a HUGE supporter of anti-bullying efforts. I don’t believe circumstances are “Kids will be kids.” We all need to teach our children that bullying is not okay and also learn how to protect our children from bullies.


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