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When it comes to the WWE, there’s no denying our Superstars and Divas are looked up to. Many would call them heroes. With the launch of a new brand campaign, the WWE wants to know who your hero is with the #MYHEROIS throughout social media.

It is true that there is a hero in each and every one of us, something that can help and inspire others. Whether you have a hero you look up to within the WWE Universe or a hero within your town, we want to here about it.

As a WWEMom, there are so many moments of heroism that have touched me. John Cena is an inspiration and hero to so many children, especially those children who’s wishes have been granted by Cena through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As the number one “wish granter” in the world, there’s no denying that John Cena has become a hero for each and every child that’s wish has came true thanks to him.

When it comes to a personal hero within the WWE Universe, I have to name WWE Diva Natalya, whom made my Aubrey’s birthday special by tweeting throughout one of our trips to Monday Night Raw and making her birthday so special by doing so. Natalya gave Aubrey a new role model, someone she looks up to, a person that as a little girl, she’s inspired to be just like.

The simple down-to-Earth actions of Natalya made my daughter so happy and as a Mom, my heart filled with happiness. If Aubrey grows up to be a WWE Diva like Natalya, I’m a-okay with her following her “Hart”.

To learn more about the My Hero Is Campaign from WWE, head over to WWE.com.

Who is Your Hero?


I have been compensated for this post and for participating in the WWEmoms campaign by The Online Mom – all opinions expressed here are my own.

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