Almost Time for Graduation

It is hard for me to believe that almost six years ago, I graduated high school. The day was very memorable for more than just the excitement of the day that would naturally come. About two hours before I was to be at my graduation, my mom called me and had been in a single car accident. Everyone was okay but her car was stuck in a really steep ditch right down the road from her house.

We were able to get there, get everyone out and a friend rushed me back to the venue just in time for the lineup. The atmosphere was so surreal and amazing. As we walked onto the floor of Hilton Coliseum, it was amazing to see the crowd of everyone there. I searched the rows to find my friend, Mom, brothers, and Grandparents in a balcony ready to cheer me on. It was amazing to have my family there and it meant so much to me when I graduated to see my Grandpa grinning from ear to ear. I think that was the biggest smile I had ever seen from him! I still have the picture of all of us standing together after I had graduated. I’ll always remember how incredible that day was.


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  1. I did not have one relative at my high school graduation (not even my parents) I went there with my boyfriend (now my husband) and his family. Everyone was too busy with work to come. I am so glad that you had a different experience at your graduation

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