Wordless Wednesday-Get out and Play! #ww

Wordless Wednesday-Get out and Play! #ww 1

The weather around here has been moody-one day freezing cold and raining, the next bright skies! We had to take our chance to get out and enjoy some nice weather, although it was cut short by the wind getting too crazy.

Wordless Wednesday-Get out and Play! #ww 2

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  1. It’s crazy to me to see pictures of kids in sweaters and to hear about temps being chilly. We’ve been in the 80s/90s for weeks and weeks.

    Looks like your girls enjoyed their outing!

  2. AH! It’s always nice to get outside and get some fresh spring air. Your girls sure look like they’re enjoying it! If the rain ever goes away we’ll get outside too!

  3. sounsd like you live down teh block the way yoru talking. I too am freezing my tushy off today the weather changed so fast yesterday and dropped 10 degrees super fast. BRRR. I think we are going back up to 60 tomorrow

  4. love getting outside. it’s still been cold here a lot so can’t wait for steady good temps

  5. I am tired of this crazy weather too. don’t you wish we could bottle up some nice days for when we all feel cooped up crazy?

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